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The discussions about Steve McNair are endless and this is but another of thousands.  Most have focused on what will happen when McNair arrives and when and how he will arrive.  Will it be by trade or will the Ravens simply wait for his expected release?  And if he is released are we sure there isn’t another team lurking to vie for his services?

If there is another team lurking, might they drive up McNair’s price?  If there are no other teams lurking, why not?

Some might say that all other teams have their starters in place.


Did Mark Brunell look that good in DC last year particularly in the playoffs?  Dan Snyder has been known to throw his money around on riskier propositions than McNair.  Is Brad Johnson still a viable QB at 39?  The Vikings need to compete and that team needs a shot in the arm, particularly with all the off-field issues and their desire to get a new stadium.  Can Philip Rivers get it done in San Diego and what about Charlie Frye in Cleveland?

If there are no other suitors for McNair other than Baltimore, should that be a red flag?  Are the Ravens so desperate for competent and consistent play at quarterback that they are willing to spend $12 million this year to get him when no one else wants him?

What if McNair stays in Tennessee?  What if he says, “Honey, I’ve talked to our financial advisor and he said that given our well diversified portfolio, we can live as we have for the rest of our lives and stay here in Nashville?”

Might the Ravens then turn to Kerry Collins?  He’s the so-called “ace” in the hole, right?  What if he then wants too much money knowing the Ravens are over a barrel?  The Ravens left him waiting like the second choice date to the prom that he is.  If the prettier and less available date is taken, what might Collins demand?

Will the Ravens look to Tommy Maddox?  What a disaster that would be – Kyle Boller and two rejects from the Steelers.  Can you imagine what Steelers’ fans might be like then when they visit Charm City?

And what might that do to the psyche of the team?  There are Ravens that expect McNair to be here.  It’s not a wish or pipe dream for some of them.  They think the order has been placed and the team is simply waiting for the delivery.  What if the package doesn’t hit the mailbox of One Winning Drive?

A team that needs a jolt might be jolted in the wrong direction.  Can you imagine the pressure then placed upon the shoulders of Kyle Boller?  If and when he cracks, how will an at best indifferent locker room respond?  The hometown crowd booed Boller in Game 1 last year here in Baltimore and then later cheered his injury when he was knocked out of the game.

This could get really ugly.  That’s why I’m confident that Ozzie knows something that we all don’t know.  He’s wearing a Teflon poker face and he’s all over this.  He has to be.

Well he is, isn’t he?

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