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According to several of the Ravens players including Todd Heap and Chris McAlister, both of whom are used to dealing with blistering elements during camp from their days at Arizona State and Arizona respectively, the weather while uncomfortable wasn’t that much of a factor today at McDaniel College.  The team recognizes that they must be prepared to deal with hot and humid conditions come September 10 in Tampa and practices like today’s help them to do exactly that.
The offense at times during breakout sessions looked rather lethargic and Jim Fassel was not too happy about it.  He chastised his unit shouting, “You’re going through the motions” followed by “C’mon let’s get into the [expletive] practice.”
A few that didn’t get into the practice were Cory Ross (hamstring), Clarence Moore (hernia) and Mark Clayton (hamstring).  Coach Billick explained later that he believed the decision to sit Clayton was more precautionary than anything else.  Devard Darling ran with the first unit in Clayton’s place. 
On a plus note injury wise, Jamal Lewis practiced and took part in most team drills.  He did not participate in “live” scrimmaging.
The team had two 7-10 minute live sessions.  Here’s a summary of both:
Session 1
First Unit
  • 1-10:Musa Smith  runs behind Mulitalo for a gain of 2 (Gregg)
  • 2-8: McNair pass intended for Darling 10 yard out left, broken up by Rolle
  • 3-8: McNair throws it away; solid protection but no one was open
Second Unit
  • 1-10: Play action out of I formation, Boller to Bratton incomplete
  • 2-10: B.J. Ward on safety blitz blows up P.J. Daniels, fumble recovered by Chris Chester
  • 3-10: Boller to Demetrius Williams for 11 yards; Pittman on coverage
Session 2
First Unit
  • 1-10-20: Pass to Darling from McNair incomplete (very poorly thrown ball)
  • 2-10-20: Mike Anderson 3 yard run
  • 3-07-23: Heap from Boller (6 yards) tripped up by Reed; Heap walks away limping temporarily
Second Unit
  • 1-10-30: Musa Smith 15 yards over right tackle (Michael Kracalik)
  • 1-10-45: Waggle left Boller to Sypniewski 1 yard (Ward nice tackle)
  • 2-09-46: P.J. Daniels 4 yard run (Ray Lewis)
  • 3-05-37: Offside defense (Reed) drawn off by hard count from McNair
Several other observations starting with the defense ~ One player that has fallen off many radar screens is Trevor Pryce.  Pryce was asked often last season in
Denver to drop back into coverage.  In nickel certain packages, Pryce is lined up alongside Haloti Ngata with Suggs off one edge and Cody of the other.  That may be one way for the Ravens to apply tremendous pressure on the quarterback without the blitz which would bode well for the team against the likes of receiver rich opponents such as the Cincinnati Bengals; Chris McAlister dropped a sure interception on a poorly thrown ball by Steve McNair.  Again McNair struggled going downfield.  CMac punished himself with a few push ups afterwards.  For more on Cmac, check out the Multimedia interviews.  CMac seems to have a sense of purpose and seems to have matured.  Find out who he credits for that during the interview.
Brian Billick continually reinforces the importance of communication to the secondary; Dawan Landry picked off a pass from Brian St. Pierre who threw the ball way too late and telegraphed his target; Mark Carrier was coaching up B.J. Ward, admonishing him for making things harder than they have to be.  Ward has a ton of athletic skill and can be a very physical player.  He could be one of Carrier’s pet projects this summer; Carrier will probably want to spend more time with David Pittman.  Throughout most of camp thus far, Pittman has lacked assertiveness and plays a bit too soft.  Today he had an opportunity to make a play on an intermediate out route and he failed to play through the ball, simply breaking up a pass that should have been intercepted; the day’s biggest hits were courtesy of Jamaine Winborne and Bart Scott.  Winborne nailed Rob Abiamiri after a 4 yard catch preventing the first down on a third and 5; Scott popped P.J. Daniels on a power sweep left behind Edwin Mulitalo who looked pretty solid pulling on the play.
On the offensive side of the ball, despite a drop early on, Demetrius Williams finished strong showing soft hands on a number of throws and precise route running.  He later took a spill tripping over a helmet along the sideline.  He appeared to be shaken up briefly, raising the blood pressure of Billick who chastised the players along the sidelines for leaving the stray helmet; Derrick Mason seemed a bit frustrated after the first team defense once again stopped the first team offense.  Mason slammed his helmet to the ground as defender Corey Ivy offered encouragement; McNair didn’t have a very good day throwing the football.  Boller was better today.  Boller was more on target leading backs out of the backfield today in stride prompting Billick to exclaim, “good placement Kyle”; down and distance was stressed by Billick who instructed Devard Darling to find the first down marker, lower his upfield shoulder and make sure he gets past the stick.
On special teams, B.J. Sams looks very solid and sure handed on punt returns; Leo Araguz and Sam Koch were pretty even today although Araguz hit one flub.

Other notables: Don Banks was at camp again and J.O. made an appearance along with his toddler and brother Marques.

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