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“The stats will show a pick six.  What they won’t show is that McNair properly read a blitz and found one of his hot reads in Devard Darling.  The stats won’t show that the inexperienced receiver cut off his route – a cardinal sin for a receiver particularly in a blitzing situation.’ ~ Lombardi’s Way August 6, 2006
YOURS is the only publication that EXPLAINED why the interception happened. I didn’t panic when I first read it, but I did think it was a bit uncharacteristic of McNair. Now, with the information in context, it makes complete sense – McNair DID do the right thing, and got hung out to dry by a receiver not doing his job.
Thanks for the COMPLETE info and context!
Bill Duck, Salisbury, MD
Thanks for your kind words.  I’m surprised that we haven’t heard more about this from others but I guess “McNair Flops in Debut” sells more papers than “Reserve Receiver Better Recognize.”
Keep these scrimmages in perspective.  It sounds to me that you’ve done exactly that!
Just checking in. I am the guy from the Castaway Travel Crew and I am checking in to see what’s happening?  I am so ready for this season. I’m hoping that Pashos can step up his game and the draft looks like it did us pretty well. A buddy of mine and I bought a Purple Bus (short one of course) and we are ready to tailgate this year after ten years with our friends at Della Roses. If you hear of any parking spots we are looking. Love the Key West slide show in “Fun Stuff”! Damn I wish I was there. I need to change attitudes and latitudes!!!
Long Live the Conch Republic!
Al Brown
Congrats on the bus.  Tell Tony D. and the gang from Della’s I said hey!  Good folks there and all they do is drink beer and play smash mouth football.  Not a bad way to live life I must say.  But a better way is to change attitudes and latitudes.  I haven’t been down there to the Conch Republic since February and I’m dying to get back.  Unfortunately, that will have to wait.  Hey, here’s a dream scenario.  We all head down to Miami in February to watch the Ravens win the Super Bowl and then head on down to the Keys in that Purple Bus of yours.
As for Tony Pashos…he’s worked very hard and while he’ll never be a great player, he can be a good player and provide some consistency and stability at that right tackle position.  I expect a good season from the scrappy alumnus of the Fighting Illini.
Too much, magic bus,
I have a quick question regarding Devard Darling? I know it’s very early, but, if you had to guess at this point, do you think he’ll make the team? I’ve been to the first three days of practice, and he seems to be doing ok. I didn’t go to the two previous training camps, so I don’t know whether he always looks like this in camp and just doesn’t take it into real games. He made some nice catches today.
Paul Moss
I think there’s little doubt at this point that Darling makes the team.  For the moment, he is listed as No. 3 on the depth charts and given Mark Clayton’s hamstring problems, he’s No. 2 for the moment.  I don’t think he’s ready to be a No. 2 receiver.  However he has stepped up his game, the cut off route against the Redskins on Saturday notwithstanding.  He’s building upon the momentum he developed in OTA’s and he’s had a very good camp thus far. 
In past summer camps, I’ve watched a player that telegraphed his routes and created little if any separation from defenders.  That has changed and Darling is playing with confidence.
Clarence Moore is another story and I can easily see Moore on the PUP list or on IR.  If Clayton’s hamstring troubles continue, I could see the Ravens making a play for a veteran receiver but that wouldn’t include Ashley Lelie or Jerry Porter in my opinion.
Check out our camp notes on a daily basis.  We’ll keep you covered.
Hey TL,
How do I get [in touch] of fellow Ravens Fans that will be going to New Orleans this year? This should be a sweet road trip! I booked Saturday through Monday at the Sheraton and bought front row seats on Ebay. Can you hook us up?
Jeff Warehime, Hanover
Try out our message board and post your thoughts.  That’s a convenient way to reach out to those who will join you in the Big Easy.  You might also want to reach out to the Ravens Roosts and Nests.  They usually schedule road trips and it’s my understanding the N’Awlins is a preferred destination this season.  I know that Ravens Roost 4 in Ellicott City is heading there.  I’m sure they would agree, the more the merrier!
I’ll be gone 500 miles when the day is done,
Hey TL,
Nothing could have surprised me more than to tune in WNST Sunday morning and NOT hear your dulcet tones on the airwaves.
Having said that, nothing could please me more than NOT having to twist my radio like a radar dish to get your program without interference from the Hallelujah Chorus two clicks up the dial.
Wait a minute – something did make me happy – hearing you on the air with Mike Paskoff. I know that’s Mike gig and he’s worked long and hard to get it. And he deserves it. Still, it was a pleasant surprise to hear your elevation from "AAA."
However, I eagerly await the announcement of what number on the AM dial from which you’ll be talking to us again. I hope you bring the whole crew with you. Maybe you’ll have something in place before September 10th.
As always,
Fran from Glen Burnie
Dear Tony,
Nice job on ESPN 1300 with Mike Paskoff. I hope you can get back there….. the signal comes in a lot better in Sykesville from 1300 than 1570….The new web site is AWESOME... I still have not seen everything yet… you KICK BUTT with the new site…  
And somebody should KICK Nestor’s butt for the “Termination.”
Harry O, Sykesville, MD
I was very surprised to hear about the recent cancellation of your show at WNST.
I’m in Charleston, SC and the pod cast option was the best way for me to keep up with the Ravens. You and your team have consistently produced a fantastic product and it’s been great watching the show and the website grow and improve.
Keep your head up always remember that you have great fans that will follow your show wherever it ends up.
Best of luck,
Blake, Charleston, SC
Fran, Harry & Blake,
We were surprised by WNST’s decision but we’ve accepted it, thanked them publicly for the opportunity and we’ve moved on.  To where, that appears to be the question for the moment but I’m confident that we’ll be comfortably in place somewhere by kickoff on September 10.  Which by the way is 33 days, 17 hours and 37 minutes away as of this writing but who’s counting.
I’m glad you listened to Mike Paskoff’s show and I’m happy that he gave us an opportunity to be heard, particularly on the heels of our new site launch.  That was perhaps the most difficult thing to accept about the WNST decision.  And this was WNST’s choice not ours.  We would never have abandoned the program after building it up at WNST for 5 months specifically for the 10AM slot on Sunday during camp, preseason and the regular season.  But at this point, that’s water under the bridge.  Some things happen for reasons, right?
Blake, the podcasting will continue and it will expand.  We’ll be offering several podcasting choices for you which I’m sure will serve as great traveling “companions.”
To the future,
I have been on vacation for the past week and this is the first time I have seen your new website. I will need to get used to it. One thing that I can tell you now that should be eliminated immediately is the message board. Too often it allows non-believers the chance to post how stupid they are. Your site was always refreshing in that you acted as a filter to such non-sense. I do like the "new" site and wish you the best finding a new home for GAMETIME.
Dan Frey
Your thoughts and opinions are always welcomed.  I too struggled with the idea of a message board but after seeking the advice and opinions of some who have more experience than I do with such boards, I was convinced that there is a way to intelligently provide these forums to those that enjoy them and treat them with respect.  There are tools to weed out those that seek to undermine the integrity of the message board and the enjoyment of others.  We’ll implement them and I think that in the end, it will be the right choice.  I hope in time you will agree and I trust you will tell me again if you don’t.
Give it a little time and then shoot me another note.  Your input is important.
Let’s send an SOS to the world,

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