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I don’t care much for politics. Sure I think the societal issues are worthy of debate and discussion but mix in candidates that want to sell you on their foolproof formulas for social wellness and it bogs down for me.
Who to trust and who not to trust is as debatable as the issues themselves. Consequently I end up ignoring the issues, the candidates and their sing-me-a-love-song promises. I’m not suggesting that I’m right but it ends up being too boring for me and oftentimes I’ve been accused of having the attention span of a gnat.
Some even say that’s an insult to the gnat.
So, as a result when it comes time for me to pull on those levers it is often the first time I’m reading about issues and budget spending that requires my vote.
I wish those levers connected to questions and budget spending that I understand better. You know questions like these:
1. Are you in favor of the Ravens offense being forced into 10 hours a week of community service to be restricted to classroom and field studies of the two minute offense?
2. Would you be in favor of allocating funds for a new coach whose sole responsibility would be to master on demand all of the possible sequencing, balancing, pacing, dynamics and parameters of a two minute offense while the game is being played?
3. Do you support the bill requiring the Ravens to allocate substantially more money to the offensive line during the off season?
4. Are you in favor of genetic research that would enable Matt Stover to pass along accuracy DNA to the Ravens for use on a future kicker?
5. Should Mike Anderson start on Sunday?
6. Are you in favor of the Ravens extending Brian Billick’s contract as offensive coordinator while leaving his remaining term as head coach unchanged for the time being?
7. Should the Ravens remove Ernest Byner from the Ring of Honor?
8. Should the scoreboard operator at M&T Bank Stadium be replaced?
9. How many versions of the National Anthem should Maceo Miller be limited to? 100? 200? No limit?
10. Would you support allocating money to build a retractable dome atop M&T in order to allow for the possibility of Baltimore being a host for a Super Bowl or other major events like the Final Four and the Rolling Stones 73rd Reunion Tour?
11. If Adalius Thomas accepted the NFL minimum to finish his career as a Baltimore Raven would you be willing to give him $1 per week for the remainder of his career (to be automatically deducted from your paycheck) in order to help the Ravens circumvent the likely restraints of the salary cap and give AD his due?
Your votes may be submitted to the email address above. Please be sure to exercise your civic responsibilities and vote.
The State of Maryland thanks you.

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