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Brian Billick is still perfect at 3-0 since taking over as the Offensive Coordinator.  Overall the numbers are still better compared to the first six games.  The most disturbing trend is that the rushing yards per attempt is actually decreasing. The only team with a winning record that runs the ball worse than the Ravens (3.4) is Chicago at 3.3 yards per carry.
The numbers below point to a more efficient passing game; which was expected as Steve McNair grew more comfortable in the system.  It’s clear now that McNair has confidence in all of his receivers.  If the running game can get back on track, the passing game will become even more of a factor the remainder of the season. 
Check back next week to see if the trend continues.
Ravens rank after 6 games
Ravens rank after 9 games
% Difference (+ / -)
Total offense
271.7 (28th)
302.0 (21st)
+ 11.2%
Pts per game
18.3 (18th)
22.0 (12th)
+ 20.2%
Rush yards per game
94.3 (24th)
98.0 (25th)
+ 3.9%
Rush attempt avg.
3.5 (26th)
3.4 (29th)
– 2.9%
Rush attempts per game
26.7 (20th)
28.7 (13th)
+ 7.5%
Pass yards per game
177.3 (27th)
213.1 (21st)
+ 20.2%
Pass comp %
56.0 (26th)
59.5 (17th)
+ 6.3%
Pass attempts per game
33.3 (14th)
33.4 (13th)
+ less than 1%
Pass comp avg. yards
5.32 (29th)
6.10 (20th)
+ 14.7%
QB rating
64.1 (29th)
76.7 (24th)
3rd down conversion %
36.7 % (22nd)
40.0% (11th)
+ 8.9%
Time of possession
30:38 (13th)
31:55 (5th)
+ 4.2%
Red Zone TD %
44.40% (25th)
44.83% (25th)
+ 1.0%
31 (12th)
56 (T-14th)
– 6.3%
Sacks allowed
12 (14th)
14 (T-7th)
+ 21.9%
Turnover margin
+ 7 (3rd)
+ 13 (1st)
+ 6.3%
Held under 20 pts**
3-6  = 50%
0-3 = 0%
**Not an official NFL statistic.  Stat provided by BTN.

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