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I still like "Purple Pain" for the defense—– descriptive, yet simple. And with PRINCE playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl, hopefully prophetic.
Ed from Bel Air
While we’re on the topic of purple, let’s talk KoolAid. I’ve had plenty and I’m here to tell you that I don’t think the Ravens are going to lose again before February 5, 2007.
Did you know that when Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas eve, the holiday was a Pagan tradition and not celebrated the way it is today. It was a day of drinking to excess. It was not until Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol", written in 1843, that the theme was changed to its current form across North America and Europe.
A short time after that, the annual St. Nicholas holiday which started in Europe by the Vikings, a Dec 6th holiday, was combined with the December 25th holiday. The accepted image of Santa Claus was derived from a combination of images from illustrations that originated from the poem "The Night Before Christmas, A Visit from St. Nicholas". The big white bearded image was said to be based on the corporate barons of the day, as sort of a contrast to how they treated the poor. (St. Nicholas of the 3rd century became famous by sharing his families wealth with many poor children and families).
For more useless information, go to www.markneedsalife.com
Mark Considine
Thanks for the enlightenment. I was just up in New Hope, PA where Washington crossed the Delaware. I have to tell you, paintings of that crossing depict a river that looked about as wide as an ocean. Where he crossed and given the alleged frozen conditions, he could have left the boat on shore and walked.  In other words it wasn’t that wide.
That aside did Hermie ever open a dentist’s office in the North Pole?
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,
I am surprised at you! The Jingle bells song does not have a horse named Bobtail in it! The horses have their tails "bobbed", prior to the attaching of the bells, hence "bells on bobtails ring"! If you’re going to SET the record straight, GET the record straight!
Richard Craig, a loyal site visitor!!!!
Bobtails, cocktails, fairy tales…it doesn’t matter to me…I’m just looking for the mistletoe and egg nog.  The info reported on The Buzz I can’t take credit for…we got that from dribbleglass.com.  But I doubt that they are Ravens fans so I’ll take your word as gospel.  Thanks for setting me straight…
I know that the Ravens are not in the "main stream spotlight", but I am loving it. It looks like all the teams that are getting the love are the "hot teams of the week." I mean last week everyone thought the Cowboys were going to the Super Bowl, now look at what they’re saying about ’em. This week it is New Orleans, next week it’s going to be the Bengals if they beat Indy. Flavor of the week teams tend to fizzle away with just one loss.
I would love to keep floating under the radar so when we do get to the playoffs, well be playing with a purpose. It’ll be the Ravens VS. the world. The only concerns I have are penalties and the "prevent defense." It seems like almost every defensive penalty is coming from C-MAC and at the wrong times, 3rd down and 4th down. Penalties that keep drives alive. How many team penalties are attributed to him alone?
Prevent defense is the stupidest idea. It took the Chiefs last week less then 2 minutes to drive down the field to score. If we were winning in the late 4th quarter by a couple of scores to a team like Cincy or the Chargers I am concerned about that their ability to score quickly. Especially during that "prevent" that the Ravens like so much with a lead late in the game. What do you think?
Jeremiah Crosby
The Ravens are doing too well to fly beneath the radar screen. Other teams and coaches are very aware of the Ravens and at the end of the day, that’s what matters most in the NFL — not if the talking heads are smitten with you. I do not think the Ravens have played their best game yet. The Steelers game was close. The Ravens are shaping up to be a very dangerous team.
Earlier this year I thought that the only way the Ravens could advance deep into the post season would be if they improved their running game and improved their play in the secondary. They’ve done both and I think the team is showing signs of continuing the trend in both areas.
I’m with you on the prevent defense. It seems to prevent winning but having said that, I didn’t have a problem with it this past Sunday. There was no way the Chiefs were going to score 17 points with 2:46 to play. By dropping the coverage back you force the opponent to use more of the clock. As for Cincinnati and San Diego or really any team for that matter, if the Ravens go up by 14 points, I am supremely confident that they will win the game. Sure they might let the game get closer but Billick will manage it properly. He is after all 46-1 when his team has a lead of 14 points or better during a game.
As for Chris McAlister, you have to remember that they leave him on an island often and he usually is tasked with the opponent’s best receiver. And the way they call contact anymore, playing corner in the NFL is often a thankless job. Personally I think McAlister is having a fine season. Not much to complain about when your defense is ranked No.1 and they’ve given up the fewest points in the league.
Wrap it up, I’ll take it….with ribbons and bows,

Listened to your show last week and it took me a few minutes to realize that you weren’t on the air. Your replacement – whose name escapes me – did a great job standing in for you. So much so that I thought it was you talking. Do you have a twin?
Got a great laugh out of your Lombardi’s Way article posted Dec 12. You’re exactly right – the Ravens are not a ‘sexy" team – and haven’t been since the mid 90’s and the Vinny Testaverde days. Of course, we weren’t sexy then either because the defense was so abysmal.
Bottom Line: Sexy offenses win games. Defense wins Championships.
I never look for Raven love from the national media. I’m not a superstitious type, but every time the majority of the talking heads pick against the Ravens I feel good about our chances. Case in point – last Sunday against the Chiefs. A review of every major website showed that a vast majority had the Chiefs winning. I knew then that the fix was in. Ravens in a walk. When I watched the Sunday morning picks on ESPN, I saw Hank Goldberg go against the national grain and pick the Ravens……and I got a little queasy. Hank not only knows (and probably helps set) the line, he knows the history behind the line, how many teams have won an away game after a bye week or a Thursday game, things like that. Nevertheless, my little system came through again as the Ravens won with relative ease.
So you don’t like Chris Berman? I don’t either – but his picks are for entertainment purposes only. Swami? His selections are no more valid or prescient than mine. He’s just the most prominent name in my list of annoying NFL talking heads:
John Madden: Talks too much, over analyzes, and his act is getting old. I’ve hated him for years. He’d be out of the booth except for his Madden game.
Michael Irvin: What a sad excuse for an analyst. Along with Merle Hoge, the Worst Dresser on Sports TV. People have been fired for saying less than this walking minstrel show has. Is one more screw up (on or off air) from being asked to leave ESPN.
Joe Theismann: Just shut up, Joe.
Brian Gumbel: The worst play-by-play man in football. Has a weak voice. Doesn’t do his homework. Gets names, scores, and teams wrong. The Worst.
Tony Kornheiser: Great on PTI, lousy on MNF. His lack of football acumen has been fatally exposed. Has nothing relevant to say. But lucky for us he’s probably one and done.
Shannon Sharpe, Terry Bradshaw, Mike Ditka, Stuart Scott, Howie Long, Stephen A. Smith, Sterling Sharpe, et. al.: Stop laughing, stop yelling, start analyzing.
This Week: As I write this, the Ravens are an early 11.5 pt favorite and I’m nervous. I don’t care what toilet bowl Cleveland has played in lately, they always, always play us tough – home or away. I like the Browns to cover and the Ravens to win 20-13.
I have enough confidence in the Ravens that they can win the next 3. Therefore……..The Bengals to beat Indy this week and give us a clear, uncluttered path to a playoff bye.
Fran from Glen Burnie
Madden is almost a real life caricature. He’s barely a shadow of the former analyst who would inform and school you; Michael Irvin is a blabbering loud mouth. Thank God for the remote control; Theismann has had a bad year. He was once decent in my opinion when Paul McGuire kept him in check. Now he just talks a ton and says nothing; Gumbel, he sounds like Bart Simpson doing play by play; Tony K, great columnist, entertaining on PTI, out of place on MNF.
I wish that Troy Aikman was a CBS analyst. I’d love to hear him on Ravens games. I find him to be head and shoulders over everyone else and his ascension on to that lofty perch was skyrocketing.
I don’t have the same worries that you have regarding the Browns. I think Derek Anderson and that banged up offensive line will amount to nothing more than chum for the Ravens. The Ravens are on a mission. If you recall towards the end of the 2000 season, they played Cleveland here in Baltimore. They fell behind 7-0 quickly. The final was 44-7. I can envision something similar this week. I’d lay the points.
I was thinking of wearing a KC cap and an Ocho Stinko jersey to the game on Sunday to support my second and third favorite teams this weekend.
P.S. My sub last week was Jeremy Conn.  He did a great job!  Jeremy used to work for that station just up the dial.
I’m one Ravens fan that could care less about how the NFL and how the sportswriters feels about our team. Not one of the offenses that we have played against can be feeling too sexy after a 4 quarter bout with our defense. Our offense might not be flashy but they are getting the job done. When the Ravens are standing on the podium in Miami in February they will all take notice as they did in 2000 and the Lombardi Trophy is something they will not be able to deny us, just like in 2000.
It’s great to be the underdog and prove all the critics wrong each and every week, well almost. The road to the Super Bowl is all downhill from here and this team is going to bring another Championship to Baltimore. It wasn’t pretty in 2000 and it might not be pretty in 2006-2007 but it is what it is.
The RAVENS are going to ROCK and ROLL.
Wayne, Westminster, MD
Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World,
I’m with you brother! The only stat that counts is W’s. The point in my article was just to bring to the forefront why the Ravens don’t get the love that the Bengals or Colts or Chargers get. Let them have the spotlight for now. On February 4 I think the spotlight will be on the Ravens and at halftime of SB XLI, Prince will be performing Purple Rain while the Ravens plot to hold their halftime lead.
P.S. Click on the picture above for a 30 second clip of Purple Rain.

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