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Is there any way possible the Orioles can continue with the winning formula?
Last week the Orioles finally ended their season-long 9 game losing-streak against the San Diego Padres. The box score was impressive with the birds winning 7-1 and Jeremy Guthrie getting the win. If you take the actual box score for the 7-1 win vs. the Padres and project it out for the remainder of the season here is what the Orioles need to win the rest of their 87 games (hey, it’s OK to dream now and then):
Runs: 7 X 87 = 609
Hits:  12 X 87 = 1044
Errors: 0 X 87 = 0
Starting Pitching stats
Innings pitched: 8.0 X 87 = 696
Hits allowed: 4 X 87 = 348
Earned runs: 1 X 87 = 87
Walks:  1 X 87 = 87
Strike outs: 9 X 87 = 783
I know…it’s as likely as “Baltimore” showing up on the road jerseys any time soon.
Soured on Mike and Mike in the morning
In case anyone missed it last week ESPN announced the morning radio team of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic would be doing Monday Night Football in week one. Ravens fans we will be spared this miscalculation as Mike and Mike are scheduled to broadcast the west coast game of the opening night double-header.
Has anyone been having sleepless nights because Mike and Mike hadn’t had their shot at MNF?  I, for one, could do without hearing this Felix and Oscar act sit in the booth and announce ANY NFL game much less a marquee game like MNF.
And speaking of Mike and Mike did anyone hear their show doing a live play-by-play of Mike Greenberg milking a cow?  Yes, I am not making this up. I tuned in last week to hear detailed coverage of Greenberg struggling to find his mojo while milking a cow. Does the phrase “over-exposure” come to mind?  I bet you $100 there was no live satellite feed of this event getting beamed to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT. 
Rob Long knows how to keep it real
As I am driving home last week I hear WNST’s Rob Long discussing the legal issues facing Titans DB Pacman Jones.  Long quipped that Jones’ troubles would be good fodder for a well known skit seen on the Dave Chappelle show called “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”.
I’m down with that R-O-B-L-O-N-G.  So inspired was yours truly that in seconds I had a skit playing out in my mind. Picture this:
Its late night at some upscale strip club when Chappelle, as Jones, stumbles into the club weighed down by firearms and a suitcase full of cash followed by his posse. After things start to heat up NFL commish Roger Goodell enters the club to check up on Jones as the NFL Network does an in depth play-by-play of the events unfolding that night.  Dave, we miss you. Pacman, we won’t miss you.
Spinning a loss by the Orioles goes to new lows 
Has it gotten so bad for the Orioles that ESPN 1300 AM needs to find highlights for their losses? As I heard Tom Davis do one of his sports updates the morning following an 8-3 loss to Arizona he plays a radio clip of a Brian Roberts home run. Since when is a homerun by the losing team in an 8-3 drubbing a highlight?  Give us a break 1300 AM…what a joke!

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