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Cunningham is like Kyle Boller…the potential is there, but the delivery is not
Let me first preface this review by stating that regular co-host Aaron Wilson was not in studio last week so I will do a follow-up review during the season.
I thought the show kicked off nicely with talk about when training camp starts and how well Troy Smith has done thus far regardless of the criticisms from pundits who say that Smith is too vertically challenged to be an NFL QB.
Then things started to unravel for Cunningham reminding me of one of those series when Kyle Boller fumbles the snap and then kicks the ball or falls down while trying to pick it up. The show’s namesake asked listeners to cut him some slack because he is not the football expert that Aaron Wilson is and that people on internet message boards had recently been too critical of his lack of football knowledge. This rant was untimely and came off as a bit unprofessional…it just killed the momentum needed early in a weekly radio show.
The first call came in at 11:10 a.m. and after briefly talking about Troy Smith the topic changed to how Mr. Cunningham pulled a ribcage muscle. Please…can we stick to football here? Maybe somebody went to the Anita Marks School of Broadcasting…but I digress.
The next segment was the best of the show when Cunningham said Samari Rolle, Dan Cody and Jarret Johnson all needed to step up this year.  I totally agree with his assessment and I’m sure most fans will be watching these players very closely.
At this point I am starting to enjoy the show and hoping the football talk continues when a detour was taken to Infomercial Street with stops at Guardian Home Improvement and Mike’s Doughboys.  The talk about these two sponsors went on for almost 10 minutes…enough already!  It went on and on and on…if I was a referee I would have thrown a flag for delay of game.
Aaron Wilson finally called in for 10 minutes at 11:40 and things got back on track with the main topic being contract talks for rookies and Terrell Suggs.
Most of the second hour of the show was filled with callers.  To his credit Cunningham is very good with the callers and provides them more than ample time to ask questions and discuss their opinions.
One piece of advice…get some new bump music. The stuff I heard is the worst of any sports radio show in Baltimore. Grade: C
The NBA draft is a slam dunk for TV viewers
I am not a big NBA fan, but they know how to make their draft TV friendly.  I watched some of the first round coverage on ESPN last week and was amazed at the great pacing of this event. The NBA gives teams only 5 minutes between picks which is perfect for the TV viewer.  ESPN filled the time with just enough information and highlights to keep me interested until the next team made their selection.  It’s probably a stretch to hope the NFL would ever trim their first round selection time, but it would keep the casual fan tuned in much longer if they did.
MASN suffers from graphics overload on the Anita Marks show
If you ever tune in to MASN during the week between 5 – 6 PM you will see The Anita Marks Show simulcast and a perfect example of terrible graphics. In the upper right AND lower left it said “The Anita Marks Show”.  Almost half the screen displayed a vertical info-column and there were also two rows of graphics at the bottom of the screen. There was so much going on my eyes began to ache.  A note to MASN; you need to redesign your graphics and understand that less is more.
NBC coverage of the U.S. Women’s Open misses the fairway
There was a great story line in the final round when Cristie Kerr and Lorena Ochoa were both in the final group. Neither of these two premier players had ever won a major before and you’d think having them together for 18 holes would lend itself to a lot of comparisons between the two regarding their past major performances and their final round at this year’s U.S. Open.
Guess again…NBC failed to put up a single graphic that I saw comparing stats of these two players against each other in past major failures; nor did I see anything comparing their final round in the U.S. Open this year to their other final rounds in majors this year or their careers. Shame on you NBC…the ball was teed up perfectly and you hit that shot OB.

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