MEDIA WATCHDOG: The guide to Baltimore sports talk radio

Street Talk MEDIA WATCHDOG: The guide to Baltimore sports talk radio

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I am back after a spring hiatus that had the Watchdog doing some extra work for WMAR and ESPNU.  Don’t think because I haven’t had a column in a few months means I haven’t had my ears open and nose to the ground sniffing out some topics regarding the sports media scene in Baltimore.
I try to listen to at least part of every daily sports radio show each week. It’s not as easy as you think it might be when trying to find a quality radio show for the long term.  Like you, I look for certain qualities in a radio sports talk show.
I’ve been in the market for new wheels lately and I found the decision making process of buying a new car to be very similar to finding the right radio show. Below you will find the first installment of The Watchdog’s Guide to Baltimore Sports Talk Radio. Each category has a star rating ranging from 1 to 10; the higher the score, the better. The goal here is to help you decide which show provides you with the best value for the time you invest in listening to Baltimore sports talk radio.
The Comcast Morning Show
Host: Drew Forrester 
Station: WNST 1570 AM
Slot: Weekdays 6-10 AM
National Media partner: Fox Sports Radio
Styling: V-8 Pickup
Overview: If you want scores from the major pro and college teams in the Baltimore area you will usually get them here, depending on the sport, with some added intelligent analysis. You can always count on DF for giving timely commentary on the Orioles, Ravens, and Maryland football and basketball. Forrester is also the only local host that gives any air time to PGA topics year round. Star rating:  7.5
Performance & Handling: The DF show provides a reliable ride during your morning commute. When punching the gas pedal on the highway of local professional team topics this truck comes through consistently. The feel is sometimes a bit rugged when callers provide differing views. The ride might also lack a little punch for those who require a steady diet of local college scores. Star rating:  7.0
Standard features: Caller interaction, interviews w/ national beat writers, taking the Orioles organization to task for poor public relations / marketing decisions. Star rating:  7.0
Accessories: Player interviews, local college coaches as call in guests, "A Few Good Men" parodies, Peter Angelos impressions. Star rating:  6.5
Buyer Beware: Forrester often gets short with callers that don’t share his point of view and when he yells at callers the flow of the show hits a major pothole. The daily banter with Rick from Reisterstown is old and often not funny to anyone other than host. Star rating:  5.0
Recommendation: This vehicle is long on reliability and toughness. Although it lacks on style this truck will more often than not get you where you want to go when it comes to sports talk radio in the Baltimore market. Star rating:  7.0
Overall score out of a possible 60: 40.0

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Scot is a Baltimore native, a Towson University graduate, and has followed sports since the early 1980’s. Scot likes to go inside the numbers and get the real “411” on the wins and losses,  hence his Behind The Numbers column.

Besides being an avid sports fan, Scot has been involved with televison sports production as an Associate Producer since 1993 for WMAR, ESPN, ESPNU,ESPN2, and the former Home Team Sports network.  In addition to his television work Scot has written articles for Baltimore Magazine, Lacrosse Magazine and Patuxent Publishing.  These experiences make him a natural as the creator of the Media Watchdog, another of SK’s fine contributions.

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