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Has this AFC Championship Game between the Ravens and Steelers been over covered or what?  Well here’s a little more…

Dialing the clock back a week, like many of you, I rooted for the San Diego Chargers.  Why? Because I absolutely hate the Steelers! With every fiber of my being I hate the Steelers. It’s ok to hate you know.  I can’t say it’s very productive but it is ok.  Last time I checked, Moses’ list of rules from God did not say, “Thou shall not hate.”

Besides the obvious and my hatred notwithstanding, I wanted the Chargers to win for two essential reasons: 1) The road to Tampa would be a little smoother going through the Gas Lamp District in San Diego; and 2) I have some family in that part of the country and a road trip to SoCal seemed so much more appealing than temps in the teens in Pittsburgh with a bunch of toothless lunatics hovering around me waiting to hurl beer and obscenities my way. No brainer right?

Well as we know it didn’t go down that way and now that we have to deal with the hand that has been dealt to us, I’m embracing the idea of going to Tampa again through the city that was once know for exporting steel but is now known for exporting its youth because its youth apparently doesn’t want to live there.

If the Ravens had gone on to defeat the Chargers in the AFC Championship and then win Super Bowl 43, you know as sure as you are sitting there by your computer or holding your Blackberry, that the Steelers and their fans – especially their fans, would be holding those two L’s over our heads.  Essentially they would be placing an asterisk next to our championship with those two Steelers victories over the Ravens earlier this season in much the same way that we place an asterisk next to their most recent Super Bowl win given the apparent chumminess with the game officials in Super Bowl XL.

How sweet would it be to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh and make this their fourth consecutive loss of an AFC Championship Game along the three rivers?

No wonder the Ravens’ players cheered for the Steelers.

You know, beating the Steelers on Sunday might give me more satisfaction than even beating the Eagles or Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

What a night Sunday could be!

Ok, I said this game has been discussed and written about way too much but look, who knows when we might be here again, you know? So with that in mind and while I’m in search of some more positive karma that you may or may not have read about, here’s some more food for thought…

Ø  The Ravens are 2-0 this postseason (7-3 all time) and will play in their 2nd-ever AFC Championship game.


Ø  The Ravens are 1 of 3 No. 6 seeds ever to reach a Conference Championship game. (The 2005 Steelers did it and the 2008 Eagles advanced this past weekend.)


Ø  Baltimore owns a +7 turnover ratio this postseason, snagging 8 take-aways (5 INTs and 3 fumbles) with only 1 give-away.


Ø  QB Joe Flacco has not thrown an INT nor has he been sacked this postseason.


Ø  In 10 all-time playoff games, the Ravens have never allowed a 100-yard rusher. That 10-game stretch ranks as the 3rd-longest current streak in NFL postseason play (Pit. 2nd w/ 12 & Was. 1st w/ 17).


Ø  Today is Joe Flacco’s 24th birthday


Ø  Tomorrow is Derrick Mason’s 35th birthday


Ø  Sunday is the one year anniversary of the hiring of John Harbaugh


Brendon Ayanbadejo interview Joe Flacco…
Some more positive mojo…boo hoo Hines Ward…
Oh and by the way check out this vid below and STARTING WEARING PURPLE!

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