Biting down hard on the Baltimore sports scene

Street Talk Biting down hard on the Baltimore sports scene

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Remember the days when this town had three daily newspapers? There was The Sun (AM edition), the Evening Sun and the News American, fka News Post. Now we are down to .5 daily newspapers, unless of course you throw in “B” the paper. That brings the total to .75. The Sun is setting rapidly. The paper itself is shorter, narrower and thinner. That might be good for the ecology but the real rub for Mr. Mojo is that it now takes two daily editions to cover the table when feasting on steamed crabs.

Phil Jackman used to do a column in The Sun called “Reading Time: 2 minutes.” Now that could be the name of the paper.

Dunbar standout and three-time NBA champ Sam Cassell has accepted an assistant coaching position offered by Washington Wizards head coach Flip Saunders. Mr. Mojo thinks Cassell should refrain from wearing a suit on the sidelines and opt instead for a uniform, sneakers and warm-up. If Gilbert Arenas (remember him?) sits out another season and embezzles several million more from the club, Cassell might be the best point guard option in the organization.

MOJO UP ~ The Orioles’ Nolan Reimold accomplished something this week that no other major league player has ever accomplished. His first dinger after making it to “The Show” came at the expense of future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera. Mr. Mojo thinks Mr. Reimold will soon have a stranglehold on the starting left field job unless of course O’s skipper Dave Trembley remains oxygen deprived. How else do explain some of his hair brained strategies of late? Now we hear that Mr. Trembley is re-thinking when he will call upon reliever Chris Ray. What’s to think about Dave? Greg Zahn could always use some extra BP.

Matt Wieters batting average is up to .281 down in Norfolk with 5 dingers and 23 RBI. Greg Zahn isn’t looking over his shoulder for signals from the dugout when crouched behind home plate – he’s looking for Wieters.

How about that Eric Bedard? He is 2-2 with a 2.64 ERA while giving the Mariners 47 2/3 innings in 8 starts so far in ’09. Not bad but his efforts hardly justify sacrificing Adam Jones and pitchers George Sherrill, Chris Tillman, Tony Butler and Kam Mickolio. Speaking of Jones, is it just Mr. Mojo or do you too just tune in to O’s games to see how he and Nick Markakis are doing?

MOJO DOWN ~ MASN’s Jim Hunter has absolutely zero credibility as a journalist when covering the Orioles. He is devoid of any objectivity and if you happen to Google the word “shill” and click on images, there you will find him with a big fat smile on his face. Mr. Mojo could be mistaken but the picture I believe was taken just after the O’s were “edged” by the Yankees 11-4.

Mr. Mojo is wondering…do you pronounce Felix Pie’s last name Pe-ay or Pe-U? Hey does anyone think Mike Mussina might come out of retirement to return to the O’s? Who has more tats, NBA players or girls that compete in American Idol? Hey how bummed out would Disney and TNT be if the Magic and the Nuggets pull off the upsets and meet in the NBA Finals?

Mike Duffy, Content Writer (as opposed to a Non-Content Writer?) for the Baltimore Ravens’ official website contributed a piece recently entitled, “What We Learned in Passing Camp.” Duffy offered some interesting observations albeit in a Jim Hunter kind of way. But what else can we expect? He like Hunter is paid by the team.  That said one of more interesting “things learned” from passing camp is Duffy’s assertion that “It will be very difficult to run against the Ravens’ defensive line.” Not that Mr. Mojo disagrees but how can one reach such a conclusion during a “passing camp” when the participants are wearing shorts and jerseys with no pads? Is this now the National Flag Football League?

The Eagles’ Don Henley once said that his band split up in part over his attention to detail and prodding his band mates to re-record seemingly perfect takes over and over. Accepting blame Henley said that he possesses a “very high tolerance for repetition.” You know, sort of like the Comcast Morning Show on WNST. Talk about beating topics (usually Orioles related) to death. By the way, what does it say about the intelligence of a show when Rick from Reisterstown is the star attraction?

Anita Marks was taken to task recently by a caller named Sean from Cambridge for her obvious affinity for players from “The U”, aka the University of Miami. Sean criticized Marks for being a Kobe Bryant hater which we believe stems from the NBA’s second best player’s “me-first” attitude yet Marks is an apologist for similar players like Willis McGahee. Obviously rattled, Marks defended McGahee saying how he was “screwed” by the Ravens last season. Really? Mr. Mojo is wondering if Willis was screwed in Buffalo too. When host Scott Garceau asked specifically how McGahee was “screwed”, Marks declined to elaborate.

Love her or hate her, Marks definitely attracts an audience that lurks and waits for her next miscue. Said audience is generously rewarded by her and her “sources” but give Marks credit for bringing listeners to 105.7 The Fan and avoiding the temptation of Rick from Reisterstown.

Staying with sports talk radio for a moment, FOX 1370’s Jerry Coleman is about as comfortable flying solo in the studio as Stevie Wonder is behind the wheel of a car in rush hour. Case in point, he recently had the Russian interpreter for Washington Caps’ goalie Simeon Varlamov on Sports with Coleman for 20 minutes. Gee now there’s some relevant can’t miss local sports coverage! Talk about filler! Maybe the Pikesville panhandler was busy that day so Dr. Zhivago was Coleman’s best available option. No worries though Jerry – besides Mr. Mojo only the crickets were tuned in anyway.
And last but certainly not least, please take a moment this weekend to remember the soldiers and their families who sacrificed so much to protect and preserve our freedoms. Your selflessness echoes in eternity.

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