MR. MOJO RIZON: Haloti Ngata steps up in a big way

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: Haloti Ngata steps up in a big way

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By the time you read this, the NBA Finals will be 1 game deep and the guess here is that the Lakers will prevail in 7 games.  How can Mr. Mojo go against an LA Woman? The Lakers’ front court is far more talented than that of the Cavaliers and that will prove to be Superman Howard’s kryptonite. Besides, it just bugs me when you have to refer to an Orlando Magic player as a Magic.


Controversial blog from TL this week on Ravens24x7 entitled, Cleveland is for Crybabies, LeBron Included. Not that the Mojo Man disagrees, but the responses have been classic.  Here’s a sample from a feisty Clevelander with the handle Troy Smith is From Cleveland:

“You Baltimorons are unbelievable. You live in a cesspool of crime with smack heads, crack heads, STDs, more murders per capita than even Detroit, need I go on?

No wonder the Colts high tailed it out of that hell hole in the middle of the night.

It just dawned on me that the reason crime is so rampant in "Charm City" (now that’s funny) is that compared to living in that town, a new prison cell isn’t so bad! There’s nothing to lose by being incarcerated!”

Tough to argue with the points made by Troy but how bad is it in Cleveland that Art Modell left and couldn’t wait to dive into our cesspool?

Time Evil ~ It seems that every time the Orioles go on a west coast road trip, I hear, on the radio, a discussion of how it sucks that most folks cannot stay up to watch the games.  This week was no exception and the door, of course, swings both ways.  We cannot watch a game that starts at 10PM EDT, but west coast fans cannot watch (at least the first half of) a game that starts at 4PM PDT. 

And how about football games?  The left coast faithful must begin their football experience at 10AM if their side plays a “normally” scheduled game in the east.

Is this “unfair”?  NO!  Time is what time is.  If you want to blame anything, blame Manifest Destiny and the fact that there was gold in ‘dem ‘dar hills.

But to quell the whiners and complainers, Mr Mojo has a solution.  For football, how about all east/west matchups be mandated to start at 4PM EST?  Baseball…not as easy a fix but…how about when an east coast ball club plays in the west, the game starts an hour earlier and when the situation is reversed, the game starts an hour later?  That way we all can watch a least some of the game. 

It’s been brought to Mr. Mojo’s attention that WNST’s Drew Forrester invested over 2,100 words in a recent blog to argue that the Orioles while showing improvement on the field, have done little off the field in terms of Marketing and Public Relations.
Seems to me that the Orioles have done a 180 off the field as well by partnering with the Ravens; implementing a decent promotional campaign; offering more specials at the games with more attractive giveaways and ticket combo packages AND by making it even more enticing for students to visit the Yard.

The TV ads are nicely done as are the radio ads. Maybe if the Orioles advertised on WNST, Forrester might have a different opinion. But that’s like asking Barack Obama to spend money promoting his causes on The Rush Limbaugh Show.

MOJO DOWN ~ Mr. Mojo was a big Jason Brown fan but that said (and it’s not even my cake) $37.5 million over 5 seasons, $20 million guaranteed, is a big stretch for the big man especially when you consider what Matt Birk (arguably better) is being paid $12 over 3 seasons with $6 million in guarantees. Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez labeled the Rams’ signing of Brown as the league’s worst this offseason.

MOJO UP ~ Big time props go out to Ravens’ defensive tackle Haloti Ngata for continuing his studies towards a degree in sociology at the University of Utah. Ngata still needs a few more credits to complete his degree.  You may recall that he was drafted out of Oregon as a junior.

So why Utah you ask? It just so happens we heard it directly from the big man that both he and his wife (who is expecting) are both from Utah and they have a second home there. The fact that Ngata is continuing his studies despite the mega million dollar contract he will sign sometime during the next two seasons is a statement of the outstanding character he possesses.

As an 18 year old student after his freshman season as a Duck, Ngata lost his father in a tragic motor vehicle accident.  Then during his sophomore season opener, Ngata tore his ACL and missed the entire 2003 season.  In 2004 it took Ngata about half the season to regain the strength in his knee while still battling a heavy heart.  Then his mother fell ill, eventually passing just after Ngata announced that he would be leaving Oregon following his junior year.

He dedicated his rookie year to the memory of his parents. There’s little doubt that their memories also inspire him to complete his degree. THAT folks is what Mr. Mojo calls "a role model." (10:21 PM)

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