MR. MOJO RIZON: WNST still playing the crying game

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: WNST still playing the crying game

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This time of year is one that I’ve often referred to as “The Dead Zone.” The Ravens players, front office and coaches are getting in their vacations as they prepare mentally and physically for the challenges of the 2009 season.


Their collective absence places a burden on those covering the team – even those covering sports in general here in The Land of Pleasant Living.


The Orioles are more exciting this season but let’s be honest here, until they manage to play above .500 after the All-Star break, the new O’s are merely filler until football season begins.  And there’s not much else for the town’s abundance of sports talking heads to discuss now that the NBA and NHL seasons are over (as if that was even compelling to begin with) and golf’s biggest tourneys are in the rearview mirror (yawn).


So to help fill the time, some media members are taking shots at each other and it comes as no surprise that the detention class of sports radio is involved.


WNST’s Drew Forrester has fired back at MASN’s Steve Melewski in his blog for a comment made by Melewski  on WNST’s Alan McCallum’s Facebook page regarding the station’s perpetual hating on the Orioles.
Kind of makes you miss the NHL, right?


Well the accusation by Melewski was the equivalent really of Mini-Me slapping the kneecaps of Mike Tyson. And now Forrester wants to start a little cat fight to create some filler for his blog. Some might say Mr. Mojo is doing the same here.


But to my point…


Somewhere deep down in his 2,100 word rant (yawn), Forrester pats himself and the others at WNST for the Orioles turnaround:


“I know the truth too.  The truth is, we (at WNST) will continue to try and fix the team.  We’ve made some strides already and we’re going to make more, I can assure you.”


And no, this isn’t Mr. M.R. tripping on some 60’s brownies…the dude really wrote that!


The scary thing is, I think he really believes it.


Maybe WNST should spend more time fixing their station, one that has lost more talent (Steve Hennessey, Casey Willett, Michael Popovec, Ken Weinman, Jeremy Conn, Terry Ford, Rob Long, Phil Backert, Bruce Cunningham, Aaron Wilson) to other stations than the Ravens have lost to the Browns and Jets combined.


Amazingly, Bob Haynie keeps keeping on…

Speaking of keeping on, the Orioles get plenty of runners on base but they can’t seem to keep them on the bases without getting picked off. Last night in the top of the 11th with one out, Ty Wigginton laced a single down the right field line sending Gregg Zahn from first to third base. With a PITCHER waiting on deck to pinch hit (Rich Hill), Wigginton tried to stretch his single into a double and was thrown out easily.  Instead of first and third and 1 out the O’s had Zahn on third and two outs, greatly reducing the number of options to get Zahn in to break the tie.


As luck would have it, Hill made solid contact sending a lazy liner to left field that may have scored Zahn.


The point here however is that the Orioles continually run themselves out of innings and these mental lapses that you might expect from high school kids now become an indictment against the efficiency of the organization to teach and stress fundamentals. Can’t the Orioles base coaches do more to give direction if their players are too stupid to consider the game situation? And how is it that Dave Trembley can get so boxed in that he needs to send a pitcher up to pinch hit? Hey Dave, when playing in National League parks you use National League rules and it pays to set your bench and lineup accordingly.


How long before Trembley is following the career path of Sam Perlozzo?


We knew this day was coming.  When the NFL started placing various patches on the uniforms and helmets of their players many wondered aloud if and when the league would start using their athletes as human billboards.

Well it now begins…

According to the Associated Press the New York Jets are taking advantage of a new rule that allows teams to sell sponsorships on practice jerseys. The patches can be no larger than 3.5” x 4.5”.  Atlantic Health, a NJ based health care provider and future answer to a trivia question, will be the first to step up and slap a patch on Rex Ryan’s squad.

"In this [economic] climate, teams have to find ways to deliver additional value to their corporate sponsors because everyone is facing their own unique challenges," said Matt Higgins, the team’s executive vice president of business operations. "It’s an example of trying to go the extra mile to deliver value."

How long before the game jerseys are used?

How long before a patch on Mark Sanchez goes for three times the amount of a similar patch on Bart Scott or four times the amount of Jim Leonhard?

Hey here’s something for all you knuckleheads that want Brandon Marshall in a Ravens uniform.  This in from CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco…Prisco interviewed Marshall’s best friend, wide receiver Mike Walker of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Walker had this to say about Brandon Marshall’s alleged transgressions against women:


"Never in my life have I seen him put a hand on a woman.  I know he didn’t do that. I know Brandon wouldn’t do that. Brandon has taught me a lot about how to treat ladies, about opening the door and stuff like that. He would never hit a woman."

Prisco would go on to ask Walker if he would allow his sister to date Marshall.  Without hesitating Walker said, "Definitely! And that’s the God honest truth."

Let’s queue up that debate again…

A few of the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive linemen have signed a contract with Australia’s Riot Entertainment and they plan to make a record under the name of Free Reign. G Marco Colombo, C Cory Procter and T Leonard Davis are hooking up with a fourth member who is not part of the team to produce some heavy metal sounds. The three collective weigh 966 pounds so I’d say the chosen genre of music is spot on although I think a more appropriate name for the band would be The Pile Drivers. 
I wonder who the Ravens could rally together to form a band and what genre of music they might choose.


Any ideas?

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