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Never before in the history of baseball has a last place team overcome a 9 run deficit to beat a first place team – until last night when the Orioles scored 5 in the seventh and 5 in the eighth to beat the Boston Red Sox by the score of 11-10.


You’ve probably already poured over all the exciting details and watched all of the riveting highlights. ESPN is having a love fest with the O’s today and why not? Our Orioles made history last night.

On a personal note, I may have made history last night myself.

Let me turn back the clock to November 23, 2003, Week 12 of the NFL Season. The Ravens entered that game against the Seattle Seahawks with a record of 5-5 and a loss at home to Mike Holmgren’s squad would have made it very difficult for the Ravens to earn a post season berth. Six losses with five games to go usually don’t  add up to a playoff appearance.

So with 9:21 left in that game, the Ravens faced a fourth and 10 at their own 30 yard line trailing 41-24. Brian Billick sent Dave Zastudil out on to the field to punt.

Well I lost it!

How could Billick punt in that situation? This could be the season!

I got up from my seat and shouted towards the field, “If you quit, I quit!”

And I walked out frustrated that I was building a website around a team that employed a coach who willingly gave up.

Many others did exactly the same.

So I make my way out to Lot H and while walking I hear the roar of the crowd. I raced over to a pickup truck that was wired for audio and sound where I watched a replay of Ed Reed blocking Tim Rouen’s punt and taking it 16 yards for the score.

Seahawks 41, Ravens 31 with 6:41 to go.

A friend who walked out with me suggested we go back in. As if swallowing a huge chunk of imaginary humble pie I said, “Even if they’d let us, we don’t deserve to go back in.”

We cracked open a cold one and watched the rest of the game beside that pickup truck with many other losers like us who gave up on that game. Collectively we cheered the Ravens’ win but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had just let my wingman down.

I learned a lesson that day – never, ever leave a Ravens game before the clock reads 0:00.

Too bad I didn’t draw from that lesson last night at Oriole Park at Camden Yards…

Prior to last night I had not been to OPACY since 2006. I once shared four seats in a 29 game plan for most of the 90’s but I lost my baseball mojo over the greed of OPACY, the losing and the cheating. Yet I’m happy to say that this Orioles’ team is pulling me back in.

But apparently I’m not yet a believer.

With the Orioles trailing 9-1 after 4 ½ innings, the skies opened and poured upon OPACY. You can probably guess the rest.

One hour later, comfortably in my living room, I turned the game on briefly enough to see that the Orioles were still trailing only now it was 10-1. Turn out the lights, my return to OPACY and the ensuing lowlights from the living room were over. I retired to bed and fell asleep to some network re-run.

This morning I awoke, promptly headed to the coffee maker, fired up some java and then got my day started. Not until 10:45 this morning did I even know that the Orioles had won. When my fiancé told me about the comeback win, I thought she was joking and waited for the punch line.

None arrived.

A few clicks of my mouse later and there it was in black and white…Orioles headlines: WOW!

I’ve since learned that this was the greatest comeback in Orioles history.

I was there…but I wasn’t.

I may have made history though by becoming the only person ever to walk out on both that dramatic come from behind Ravens victory and the greatest comeback in Orioles history.

First the Ravens, then the O’s.

Another lesson learned…

Well until the next time I head to the Comcast Center and the Terps are down by 25 in the second half to Wake Forest.
Photo by Michael Neopolitan

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