MR. MOJO RIZON: Kerry Collins steps up for McNair’s sons

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: Kerry Collins steps up for McNair’s sons

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Xavier guard Jordan Crawford scored the shot of his life when he gave LeBron James a facial, dunking over the NBA’s MVP in a pick-up game during an event sponsored by Nike. Nike, allegedly upon request from James, confiscated two video cameras from observers of the event who captured the dunk on film. Apparently the King was embarrassed.


The planet’s biggest crybaby probably pleaded for a charge and didn’t get it.

Hey here’s a free idea for hosts of the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.  Why not hand out LeBron Boo-Hoo Rags.  Every time LeBron complains, the hometown crowd can mock him by pretending to cry into the Boo-Hoo Rag. Fans should however come prepared with extra tissues just in case the giveaway rags become too saturated. With James the odds are pretty good that they will.

Staying with the miserable city of Cleveland, Browns WR Donte Stallworth was released from the pokey after serving just 24 days as part of a plea agreement in his vehicular manslaughter case. Talk about things that make you go WTF?

Turning our attention towards sports talk radio, check out this Facebook wall post from Jeremy Conn on the future of Playmakers, a show he co-hosts with Ken Weinman on 105.7 The Fan:

“Ken and I have been given a week to make management happy with the show….. So hopefully all will go well now…. We shall see…”

In a recent poll on 24×7, we asked our visitors which of the 105.7 The Fan weekday programs they liked most.  Here are the results:


The Ed Norris Show


The Mark Viviano Show


The Bruce Cunnigham Show


The Scott & Anita Show



Maybe management should listen to the fans – they are after all “The Fan.”

While we are on the topic of fans, let’s fan the flames of Anita Marks’ inadequacies a bit more. Now it must be noted that we really try to leave Miss Miami alone, we really do. But when a show like Playmakers is allegedly on thin ice and Marks is still given a microphone, you are left scratching your noggin and wondering why.

To put it in simple terms, Marks is no more than an ill-informed fantasy football geek talking out of her derriere and regularly tasting shoe leather. If you don’t believe the Mojo Man then just tune in to The Scott & Anita Show for 10 minutes as self-references range from “genius” to “Miami Ho.”

You see her kind in bars throughout town – the yahoos who might pull up to the barstool beside you, run their traps and before you know it the next thing out of your mouth is, “Check please!”

The only difference between Marks and the yahoo is she played “professional football” (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) and posed in Playboy. Not many yahoos can say THAT!

Yet she remains on the air.

You’ve gotta wonder how many times Baltimore Sports icon Scott Garceau has said to himself, “Check please!”

On a more serious note, much has been said and written about the circumstances surrounding the tragic murder of Steve McNair. Opinions vary as to how McNair will be remembered and it is a bit disconcerting to Mr. Mojo how so many will remember the former Raven as a cheater and an adulterer. 

Many athletes have erred in the past and their laundry has been aired in the public’s eye. Yet most had a chance to atone, repent or even to add to their list of athletic accomplishments as a way of redirecting the discerning and oftentimes holier-than-thou eye of a critical public.

McNair won’t get that chance.

Michael Jordan had that chance. Leonard Little got a redo. Donte Stallworth served 24 days in jail for a plea in a vehicular manslaughter case. A-Rod has been given the opportunity to prove that it’s more than just the juice that can be credited for his success. Oh and we’ll all overlook his cheating…

McNair made mistakes, no one will argue that. As the days go by without No. 9 let’s hope that his family heals and that time is kind to the legacy of Steve McNair.

While feelings remain mixed during the aftermath of the McNair murder, there is emotional solidarity when it comes to the surviving family members, particularly McNair’s sons.

Kerry Collins, a player who has had his fair share of adversity (most of it self-inflicted) and has shown an extreme growth in maturity to be the man he is today, was in attendance at the McNair memorial service in Nashville. Collins in a demonstration of compassion and sympathy for McNair’s boys eloquently spoke on behalf of all his teammates.

“Those boys lost their father but they have a roster of 53 men willing to step in at any time.”

Here’s to you Kerry Collins!

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