MR. MOJO RIZON: CBS Radio’s Marks out of line

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: CBS Radio’s Marks out of line

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It seems that with each Mojo piece we inevitably work our way back to Anita Marks. Before the Mojo man weighs in on her, it should be mentioned that The Scott & Anita Show heard on 105.7 The Fan placed first in its demo share of men aged 25-54 this past ratings quarter.

Now back to Marks…

While the topic of the Steve McNair tragedy was bantered about on The Scott & Anita Show (which by the way was originally supposed to be called The Scott Garceau Show with Anita Marks), the issue of promiscuity amongst professional athletes surfaced. Marks’ position on the topic was clear and undeniable. According to Ms. Miami, women who marry into and embrace the professional athlete’s lifestyle must be aware that the majority venture outside of their marriage vows and court mistresses. In so many words the message from Marks was, “you’ve got to pay to play.”

What a joke!

CBS Radio should be embarrassed by her statements and if not they are equally irresponsible and outwardly reckless in their pursuit of ratings. There are many, many athletes who are spiritual, religious, God-fearing men whose primary focus is their family. For her to use such a broad stroke to define the behavior of the “majority” of athletes is flat out ignorant, self-serving and classless.

Professional athletes on whole are in many ways a microcosm of society. The same percentage of fans who venture outside of their marriage is pretty much the same as the community of men who play games for a living. Marks’ recklessness is an insult to all of the women who marry athletes, bear their children, create a nurturing environment and make sacrifices while their men are away from home.

Marks’ verbal train wreck doesn’t stop there.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid was the topic of conversation recently and Marks suggested that the legal and dependency issues that plague Reid’s sons are the byproduct of a dedicated coach. Marks insinuated that with an NFL coach’s dedication, there exists a natural neglect of family.

CBS really needs to real in her rudderless pie hole…

But that won’t be easy now. Marks’ body language is that of a proud peacock given their No. 1 ratings ranking in their men 25-54 demographic.

Look, can we just call a spade a spade? CBS hit a homerun with the all-sports format change to 105.7. The ratings of The Scott & Anita Show are directly tied to the programming change, the station’s ties to the Orioles, the signal strength and quality of FM radio and the inadequacies of The Fan’s competitors.

CBS Radio could replace Marks with a crash test dummy and The Scott Garceau Show could pull in the same and possibly ever greater ratings.

And they’ll save a few bucks along the way.

Speaking of a few bucks, so far there appears to be even less than a few available for Michael Vick. ESPN’s insider John Clayton reported on NFL Live on Thursday that he knows of 21 NFL teams that have stated on record that they are not interested in Michael Vick. He mentioned another five teams that have said they will not entertain the idea of hiring Vick. That leaves 6 other teams that have made no such declarations, one of which is the Baltimore Ravens.

Indirectly fueling the fire of Vick to Baltimore, John Harbaugh earlier this week confirmed that the team has had discussions about the former Falcon. Conveniently left out by those hoping to give this rumor healthy legs, is the fact that the Ravens discuss nearly all available free agents to determine if they can help improve the team.

PETA supporters can relax and postpone any plans to picket M&T Bank Stadium on September 13. Vick will not be a Raven.

Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away this week after battling complications stemming from skin cancer. John Harbaugh’s words on Johnson’s passing were poignant and heartfelt and Mr. Mojo will exit today by sharing those words:

“I loved Jim Johnson. This is a sad day for so many people who were touched by this great man. Ingrid and I, the Harbaugh family, and the Ravens have Jim’s wife, Vicky, and the Johnson family in our thoughts and prayers. Jim was a tremendous teacher of football and life. He had a special ability to bring out the best in people while getting you to see the best in yourself. He saw potential and developed it. He made me believe I could coach at this level. In football, he was a pioneering and brilliant strategist, changing the way defense is played in the NFL. For me, he was a father-type mentor, and above all, a cherished friend. He belongs in the Hall of Fame. I will miss him so much.”
Rest in peace Coach Johnson.

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