Can’t find a ticket to Opening Day?

Lombardi's Way Can’t find a ticket to Opening Day?

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Fortunately for owner Steve Bisciotti, the Baltimore Ravens have attracted sellout crowds from the first day of the team’s inception. Over the years, beginning with the franchise’s early days at Memorial Stadium and since 1998 in their new home at what is now M&T Bank Stadium, Ravens fans have grown and are now considered among the NFL’s best.


That’s the good news.


The downside of the team’s popularity is…well, the team’s popularity.  It often leaves fans who can’t afford season tickets or those without access to single-game tickets on the outside looking in.


Of course there is always StubHub, Ebay or some ticketing agency or broker. But oftentimes those alternatives are either cost prohibitive or they are not 100% fail proof – sometimes both!


Your inhibitions about the expense or the accountability of the transaction freeze you, and it keeps you from enjoying a live presentation of the National Football League.


If only there was a more economical and more secure way of purchasing single game tickets.


NOW…fortunately there is –


Let’s first talk money…


With OptionIt, you are simply purchasing an option to buy Ravens tickets without taking on the obligation of actually paying for the ticket. For example, let’s say you’d like to purchase four tickets on Opening Day when the Ravens host the Kansas City Chiefs on September 13, 2009 – a game that naturally has extremely high demand and long ago was sold out.  


With OptionIt you are guaranteed seats today for Opening Day when you pay $220 for four options ($55/option as shown here) to buy tickets having a face value of $95 each. PLUS you don’t have to pay for the $95 ticket just yet. Your option provides the flexibility for you to wait up to the drop dead date (in the case of the Chiefs game) of September 7, 2009.


With OptionIt, you can purchase options for all Ravens home and away games and the option prices vary depending upon the expected demand for the game at the time you purchase the option. Comparatively speaking the options to buy those same $95 face value tickets for the Browns visit to M&T Bank Stadium on September 27 sell for $50/each.


Options are also available for playoff tickets. Do you think the Ravens are playoff bound? Do you think they will finish among the top 4 seeds? If so they will host a playoff game and you can lock in your ticket AT FACE VALUE today with an option of just $45.00. As the season progresses and if the season goes as most of us think, that option value will undoubtedly climb.


Not only that, the option provides a few other creature comforts per se. Let’s refer back to that same Opening Day game against the Chiefs on September 13.


Same four tickets…two of your friends can’t make it because something came up and now there’s a conflict in scheduling. Well those two friends can then sell those options to someone else and even make a profit.


Perhaps none of you can go on September 13. Maybe an unexpected expense popped up and you could use the money. Fine! You can all sell your options and realize a handsome return on your initial investment.


Or maybe, you can all go to the game for the all-in total of $150 each and enjoy a premier game at less than premier pricing. StubHub for example is selling comparable seats from $193 to $206 each for the Ravens v. Chiefs game. Similarly, you are guaranteed a seat through OptionIt when the Ravens host the Steelers on November 29 for $205 compared to StubHub’s offerings ranging from $225 to $271 each.


Clearly there are financial advantages.


But is there a risk?


OptionIt: An Official Partner of the Ravens


Ok, so you’ve used StubHub before and you are comfortable with them and now you’re wondering, “What is this OptionIt company and can I trust them?”




OptionIt is an official partner of the Baltimore Ravens and they guarantee the tickets which OptionIt provides on their website. You can view charts that itemize all tickets and their exact locations not just for home games, but away games as well.


“OptionIt gives fans an innovative, new way to access hard-to-find tickets”, says Baker Koppelman, Vice President, Ticket Sales and Operations, Baltimore Ravens.


“Not only will buying an option allow them to purchase a ticket at face value, it provides them with an unprecedented level of flexibility and convenience.”


Convenience, flexibility, affordability, upside potential, safety and peace of mind – that is what OptionIt provides.


And it is the best option for single game tickets for sold out teams like your Baltimore Ravens.


For more information on exactly how OptionIt works, take a few moments to watch the OptionIt video below.

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