MR. MOJO RIZON: Tyree a Raven?

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: Tyree a Raven?

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Some in the media have made a big deal over how one year can make such a huge difference in the NFL. And while one year, one season can turn a have into a have-not and vice versa, it is hardly a big deal. Major turnarounds like that of the Dolphins’ are becoming less and less uncommon.


The Ravens also enjoyed a turnaround season that included a prosperous journey from the world of have-nots to the AFC Championship Game. On Sunday they enter the 2009 season as prohibitive 13 point favorites over the visiting Kansas Chiefs.


In an attempt to say, “What a difference a year makes” The Sun’s Jamison Hensley in a recent piece drew comparisons between this year’s Ravens being heavily favored in their ’09 opener while they entered the ’08 campaign as big dogs to the Bengals – 11 ½ point dogs at that!


Sorry Jamison, better check your stats or do a little Googling on sports betting lines from 2008.


The records will show that the Ravens were only 2 point underdogs to Marvin Lewis’ squad on Opening Day 2008.


Want a redo?


How about a new editor?


So let me get this straight…the Ravens essentially rented a couple of birds last year (Rise & Conquer) from some couple in Atlanta to add to the average fan’s game day experience. The birds were supposed to fly through the stadium and help stir the crowd into a frenzy adding to the home field advantage.


Trouble is no one bothered to tell the birds.


They didn’t fly around.


They didn’t make noises the way the make pretend ravens do.


They did nothing but sit on someone’s forearm like a stuffed animal exhibiting an occasional pulse and a slight turn of the head.


One did injure its ankle doing nothing and died from a related disease.


It’s a good thing L.J. Smith isn’t a raven…well you know, not a real one anyway.


Mr. Mojo looked up David Tyree the other day on Wikipedia and according to that resource which apparently borrows its accuracy from The Sun, Tyree is already a Raven.


Not so fast there wiki-wiki wa-wa.


If you are a fan of the one catch wonder, don’t get too used to the idea of Tyree in a Ravens uniform. While Coach John Harbaugh was gushing all about Tyree’s workout, Mr. M.R. thinks the boatload of accolades from ball coach was a bit over the top and nothing more than a bluff.


“He’s not a Raven at this point,” Harbaugh said before Wednesday’s practice.  “We saw a lot. David Tyree did a tremendous job.

“He got after the workout. He attacked the workout, and that’s the way he’s played all those years.”


If Tyree was that good, he’d be a Raven today. Check that, if he was that good, Tyree would still be a Giant.


The truth is he’s not that good and the Mojo Man is even hearing that he’s not all that sound physically, again contrary what The Sun might lead you to believe.


When you talk about style over substance and tie it into the local sports talk scene, one name that comes racing front and center faster than Usain Bolt is the-not-yet aforementioned Bruce Cunningham. Cunningham is sports talk’s Milli Vanilli. He fakes his way through his daily 2 hours with phone calls, emails and Mark Zinno. He adds little in the way of insight, relevant information or thought provoking opinion – unless of course the topic is Motown or Cunningham’s DJ glory days.


Mr. "Love ya madly" often serves up the rhetorical question, “Can you believe they pay me to do this?”


Actually I can’t.


The Ravens have let it be known that they will invest $8-9 million to install brand new shiny high-def screens at M&T Bank Stadium for the 2010 season. So if you take the roughly 70,000 seats and add in the $10 per seat per game ticket price increase this season then throw in some bump in the cost of suites, you just might get to $8-9 million fairly quickly. One could argue that the money is being reinvested in a way that is fan friendly and not pouring into the ample coffers of Steve Bisciotti.


So let me ask, would you willingly fork over an additional $100 per seat for the season for the HD screens?

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