MR. MOJO RIZON: Kyle Boller making moves off the field

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: Kyle Boller making moves off the field

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Like a giddy schoolgirl ~ I’m sure you’ve either experienced it directly or you’ve watched a similar scene unfold around you…young girl is smitten with a boy and she laughs at anything the boy does. He belches and she goes into uncontrollable laughter. Such is the life of an adolescent girl and such is the on-air behavior of Bruce Cunningham when he is joined by guest Mike Preston on Mondays and Fridays at 105.7 The Fan.

Any sarcastic and/or wise crack from Preston and the namesake of The Bruce Cunningham Show cackles hysterically to the point of being mute. Last week Preston described Antwan Barnes as a “good player, bad mind.” Cunningham roared with laughter and called Preston’s analysis of Barnes his “best ever.”

Wonder how Preston would describe Cunningham?

Mojo Man has a few ideas on that one…

Cryin’ Ryan ~ Former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is now the poster boy for Kleenex.

"I’ve got a new sponsor," Ryan said on Wednesday. "The Jets have Toyota and I’ve got Kleenex, for obvious reasons."

The never bashful Ryan’s tone is usually bravado but that wasn’t the case when he cried in front of his players during a team meeting Monday morning after the Jets’ 24-22 loss to the Jaguars on Sunday. The pity party obviously leaked through the closed doors.

"Everything’s out and sometimes you say things to your team and you don’t realize that everybody will find out," Ryan said. "That’s fine and dandy. One thing I’ll say is I’ll be true to myself.

"I’m man enough to be me."

Dick Vermeil was so touched by Ryan’s manliness and connection to his feelings that he had a good cry too. No truth to the rumor that the Lifetime Channel is now trying to secure the broadcast rights to future Jets games.

Speaking of former Ravens, Kyle Boller is making news not so much for his on the field accomplishments but rather for his off-field conquests, the latest of which is former Miss California and Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean. In her book Still Standing, Prejean acknowledged Boller in a dedication.

"To my Kyle: I am so blessed to have you in my life. You have shown me what love is. Thank you for supporting me through all this drama. I knew when we met there was something so special about you."

Didn’t Brian Billick say something like that back in 2003?

Count Mr. Mojo among those who would love to see LeBron James in a Browns uniform. Apparently the NBA’s biggest crybaby thinks he has what it takes to play in the NFL.

"If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good," he said.

Someone should remind James that the NFL is stricter than the NBA when it comes to performance enhancing substances.  Just sayin’…

Browns head coach Eric Mangini called James ‘a freak athletically,’ and added that the 6’8”, 260 pounder would make a good tight end, receiver or outside linebacker. Suit him up and how about Ray Lewis pull out one of those $25,000 hits like he laid on Ochocinco.


Hey word on the street is that WBAL might be losing the Ravens broadcast rights. The station and the team are currently working under a profit sharing arrangement that apparently is falling short of the team’s expectations. Maybe the Ravens should worry more about the team falling short of our expectations.


Despite the frosty relationship between the Ravens and CBS Radio, look for 105.7 The Fan to get involved. I’m sure Cunningham would love that madly.


We hear that the Raiders’ Jamarcus Russell took his demotion in stride and is trumpeting the team party line. Mojo is wondering if just maybe Russell’s apparent willingness to step aside for Bruce Gradkowski is simply to avoid getting punched out by head coach Tom “Jawbreaker” Cable. Hey Heyward-Bey – nine games 6 catches for 96 yards.


I have to say, this line on the Ravens v. Colts game is pretty perplexing. How does Vegas justify initially installing the Ravens as a one point favorite? C’mon man! The line is correcting itself (at least in the Mojo mind) but still falls far short of where it should be with the Colts as a 6+ point favorite. Yeah, yeah I know that the Ravens played a few good teams tough, losing four games by a total of 21 points against clubs sporting a combined 21-6 record. And yes I know that the game is at home. But favored against an undefeated team? Please.


This is a Ravens team that just 5 days ago could manage only 1 offensive touchdown against the league’s worst defense AND that TD was scored when the Browns had only 10 players on the field. If the Ravens don’t get off to a fast start offensively, this one could be over quickly. EVERYBODY (except the blowhard Jamie Dukes) is picking Indy. Mojo is with everybody – Colts 27, Ravens 13.


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