Fans sorry to say, “You don’t know jack!”

Street Talk Fans sorry to say, “You don’t know jack!”

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Ahhhhh…’s that time of year again! 

What time is that, you ask?  Time to break out the grill?


Time to head downy oshin hun?  

No, not that either. 

It’s the time of year that makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time….the time of year when the NFL draft is over and camp and preseason are yet so far away….time for all those football player wannabes and “experts” to troll every imaginable football forum and voice their “expert” opinions on everything from trade values to player injuries and everything in between.  

The comments on these forums are indeed entertaining but always leave me thinking, “what in the hell do they know??!!”  What??   What the media reports?  Whatever PC gibberish is contained in team statements?  Puh-LEASE people!  I hate to burst your “I know everything about all injuries, what players think and feel and how much gas they have left in the tank” bubbles….but the fact of the matter is, you don’t really know jack. 

In making this statement, I am of course assuming that you, unlike me, have no connection to these athletes other than being a fan, attending games and garnering all of your “knowledge” from the good ole internet.  

I am new to the blogging shtick ….so let me tell you a little about myself and how I really do know what y’all pretend to know. 

First, let me say, I’m not here to rip you for being an armchair quarterback.  I’m not even going to laugh about you turning internet speculation into absolute fact.  No, I, friends, am here to help you – to give you a glimpse of the player…not from on the field or even inside the locker room, but from inside their lives.

You see, they have let me in – into their families and their worlds and trust, me it is not anything close to what you have imagined, speculated on or have become an “expert” about.  

Occasionally, I’ll convey to a certain athlete what people are blogging and commenting on.  Not only do they look at me like I have two heads, but most laugh hysterically.  They don’t get upset at what’s written about them, their families, their attitudes or their injuries….because it’s so far from the truth that it’s a joke.   

Tell Willis McGahee that he doesn’t care and he will explode with laughter.  Why?  Because that is so far gone from reality.  The truth is, McGahee has more “care” about football, the community and his teammates in his pinky finger than many of us have within our entire being.  

Tell Brian Westbrook he has no gas left in the tank.  HA!  Really?  You know because you’re with him every day, right?  You see him at the gym during the off season while you are doing your offseason training.  

Tell Ed Reed or Ray Lewis that they are too old.  Tell them you “KNOW” this to be a fact because the statistics you love to regurgitate from the internet say so.   

I have seen fan emails where fans will actually tell a player what they should or should not do. 


And yet, rather than making it big as a NFL player or coach or ESPN analyst, there you sit, behind your keyboard with those big cyber muscles.

Friends, before you decide to preach your opinions as if they are facts, argue with friends or on message boards as if any of you REALLY know, please remember it’s just for entertainment. 

It’s not a competition of who “knows” more than the next person because what I KNOW is that most of you really KNOW NOTHING AT ALL!


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