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One of the priorities for the Baltimore Ravens was to recruit wide receivers, and I can say that with the signing of players like Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth, the Ravens have managed to cover one of their weakest areas, their offense.  

However, as in every team, there is more than one problem or area to fill. I think the Ravens also need to focus on improving their defensive line if they want to cover the NFL Spread of the upcoming season.  

Especially if we consider that this season they will not have Dwan Edwards and Justin Bannan, important players for their team.  

Also, I believe that the Ravens should cover the areas of cornerback and safety, considering that Ed Reed is recovering from hip surgery and his retirement plans are unknown.  

I must underline the great work of three defensive players that were nominated to the Pro Bowl last season:  Reed, Ray Lewis, and Haoli Ngata. And there is no doubt that but for their outstanding performances, the Ravens would not have been ranked No. 3 in total defense last season.  

Ray Lewis, the captain and leader of the Ravens, has been characterized by his aggressive play and despite having 14 seasons in the NFL, I think his performance with the team this season will remain the same.  

Also, despite the age of Trevor Pryce, Kelly Gregg and Lewis, I think their experience could be one of the biggest advantages for the defense of the Ravens, a defense that last season was noted for its aggressiveness.  

On the other hand, the perimeter is the weakest area for the Ravens and certainly rivals could take advantage of this to beat Baltimore. Also their schedule is not that easy, as the team faces two major offensive teams in the New England Patriots and the current champions, the New Orleans Saints.  

However, after the work done in the draft and free agency, it seems that the Ravens have strengthened their weakest points.  

Finally, the Ravens have everything they need to make their defense a potential barrier that could frustrate the quarterback of any opponent, and I think they also could aspire to one of the best records in the AFC.  

More than renewed defense, this team has formed an ideal group of wide receivers with all the potential for the Baltimore Ravens to have a successful season.


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