Media not bashful with thoughts on Vick

Street Talk Media not bashful with thoughts on Vick

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When Michael Vick signs a $100 million dollar contract you can bet that people will be talking. Such is the case when the media starts to look talk about his worthiness.

The NBC Sunday Night Football crew has no problem telling me what they don’t like about the deal and here is what they are saying:

Tony Dungy who has a very special relationship with Vick told me: “To me this makes it a success story for the Eagles; it was a success story to me from the very beginning. I thought Michael was a changed person. Philadelphia gave him a chance to be the third-team quarterback and he handled that well and did everything that he had determined that he was going to do. He’s been a leader on and off the field, and this contract makes it a feel-good thing, but really to me he has done what I hoped he would do two years ago. Now the on-the-field things, performing well and getting the nice contract, I think that’s great, but to me that was the icing on the cake.”

His partner Cris Collinsworth was not shy about his comments: “I would just add that the humility that he’s brought to the workplace was probably what impressed me most. Now I can’t speak to what it takes to come back from the off-the-field incident and the prison time that he served, but I know that it takes a certain humility to walk in a building and admit that my work ethic wasn’t where it was supposed to be, my study habits weren’t where they were supposed to be, my discipline in the pocket, my making the reads wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and to sort of just humble yourself professionally and that was what I found very very impressive about what he did.”

Rodney Harrison had the players view on the deal: “For me, seeing what Michael Vick has gone through and what he’s been through, and the way he’s handled it up until this point, I think it’s a fantastic story. However, I think now the pressure comes on him. Now, he has the contract, everything is going good in his life; can he keep the same humble spirit that he has, can he continue to avoid the negativity, that dark side off the field? Because now this is where the pressure comes; from his friends, from family members, from people out on the street, old people that he used to hang out with; the pressure comes now because they see the $100 million advertised on television. If he continues to lead down the same path then it really becomes a success story, but now is really where he’s going to be tested because he has the contract. When you have that, you have the tendency of kind of relaxing and putting your guard down. So hopefully he can continue to stay focused and not get caught up in the dark side.”


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