So, you think Joe still needs a security blanket?

Street Talk So, you think Joe still needs a security blanket?

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It is hard to contain my excitement as I type this blog about why Joe Flacco will be successful this year despite not having Todd Heap and Derrick Mason, especially after he picked apart the Steelers defense yesterday on the way to a 35 to 7 Ravens victory.

Look back a few weeks when Willis McGahee, Kelly Gregg, Derrick Mason and Todd Heap were released in order to free up cap space and allow for the younger players to finally emerge as the high level players they were touted to be. This made many fans, including myself for a brief moment, worry that Joe Flacco would not have enough chemistry with his young  tight ends, rookie wideouts, and new deep threat Lee Evans.

We heard all the questions the media and fans were asking. “Can Joe finally throw the deep ball that we expected out of college?” “How will Joe respond to a new array of weapons this season?” or my personal favorite, “what will Joe Flacco do without his security blanket?”

Security blanket…

Someone remind me how old our quarterback is. Remind me how many years he has been in the NFL. Is Joe Flacco still a rookie? Does he still have his mom make him a warm glass of milk before bed while he falls asleep to lullabies each night?


 Joe Flacco is 26 years old, he is married, he is a starting quarterback in the NFL and he ravaged the Steelers to the tune of 224 yards with 3 touchdowns while compiling a QB rating of 117.6. Joe Flacco has proven he can make the clutch throws and that he can hit any receiver on the field with a beautiful pass deep down field, and he only echoed those things yesterday all without Mason and Heap.

Joe completed passes to six different receivers in yesterday’s win in a variety of ways. He used the deep ball, the check down, play action and intermediate over-the-middle routes all while looking poised and professional. It is safe to say that Joe is going to be just fine. His days of needing a security blanket are behind him and with a very talented young corps of receivers partnered with a fierce running game Joe is set for greatness this year.

And this is only the beginning!

One last note to toss around…

Let’s not forget that Joe’s success had much to do with the amazing amount of time in the pocket he had thanks to an offensive that line that had not taken one snap as a unit before Sunday.

Imagine what this line will be like a few weeks down the road…

Anyone else have goose bumps?


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