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Angry Birds. 

No this isn’t about the iPhone App that took the nation and world by storm. Instead it’s about a football team that came out and played angry football this past Sunday. 

The anger inspired the featured picture above – a parody of sorts worth more than a thousand words.

I was a doubter, then… I saw the Angry Birds. 

They came as Ravens.  Big Ravens like Haloti Ngata and Bryant McKinnie.  Fast Ravens like Ray Rice.  Strong Ravens like Vonta Leach and Ray Lewis.  Smart Ravens like Joe Flacco and Ed Reed.  Tough Ravens like Anquan Bolden.

Angry Ravens. 

Sacks, interceptions, fumbles, earth shattering blocks and tackles.  Lots of love to departed Ravens, but the 2011 group look fast and hungry.  I am not sure I heard a peep out of Lee Evans not getting a catch.  I am pretty sure he was geeked to be in a big win, something a former diva wide receiver would be steamed about. If you want to be the best, you must beat the best.  The Ravens had beaten just about everyone, save the Steel City Nemesis.

It’s hard not to wonder how it feels to be crushed at home by the Bills, but I am sure LeRon “Gimmie the damn ball!” McClain can tell you.

CSI is still at the M&T Bank Stadium, looking for clues to the slaughter that left the media darling Steelers DOA.  Forensics just wrapped and the rest of Hines Wards teeth have been found and it seems Jarret Johnson did not want to see Mr. Cheap Shot’s smile.  After that hit, Hines really was Dancing with the Stars.

Let’s dispose of lists, grades, and things we learned from Sunday’s epic win.  We now know that this team is Super Bowl worthy, to be feared.  Period.  Sure the Steelers looked slow and aging; something the media loves to say about the Ravens.  The Steelers looked like a team that was sticking to a script that worked for three years.  Unfortunately for them, they were completely unprepared for the Baltimore Ravens of 2011.  The reason it was such a shellacking is they displayed a clear lack of respect for the team and looked like status quo will work.  Not so much talking now.

From the word go, when McKinnie looked like a giant among men at the line of scrimmage, I knew something was up.  When I saw Vonta Leech wrecking linebackers the way the women of Pittsburgh attack buffet tables, I knew it was going to be a long day for the Black and mustard.

Big Ben?  Joe was bigger.  I never put much into Joe v. Ben.  It was more Harbaugh unable to defeat the Steelers at full strength.  Scary things are going to happen to opposing defenses if Joe has that kind of time the offensive line gave him.  The fiercest defense in the NFL was marginalized.  Stew on that!

As for the player versus player?  That would be T-Sizzle vs. their line and Ben!  Strong start to what could be a Defensive Player of the Year season.  I posted on the message board that if the rest of the team played with the ferocity that Terrell Suggs brings to Steelers games, we would crush them.  Well, they did. 

I also lost all respect for Troy Polamalu.  His attempt to twist and hurt Ray Rice is unforgivable.  In the end, it is a game, and you threaten a man’s career because you are losing?  Big baby.  I will not say a good thing about him again.

As for John Harbaugh, me being one of his biggest critics for years, I have to say that was a masterful job of coaching, the way it should be done.  Over on the opposite side of the field, did anyone see Omar Epps, I mean Mike Tomlin with out his normally cool disposition out there?  Clearly the F-Bomb was being dropped for good cause.

This is where media hype cautions you.  It is just one win, there are 15 more to so don’t get ahead of yourself.  But I say can it – believe you are the best team; win like you are the best team, play like you are the best team.  Three years of playoffs.  It’s time to bring that trophy home and what better place to do it then in Indianapolis, even if Suggs has to pry it from the fingers of Aaron Rodgers.

Hats off to everyone, the game ball should go to all 53 players and the entire coaching staff.  It was nice to see our defense go from Mattison’s Geritol to Pagano’s Red Bull. 

Keep that momentum rolling.

You know there was a day when I was not sure there was enough defense or offensive line help or speed to beat a team like the Packers. Now, I’m not so sure. 

Especially, if these birds stay angry…


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