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Fantasy A Ravens Hangover

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The Hangover?  The only thing uglier than the Ravens’ play would be Zach Galifianakis running around bottomless.

Is that what happened to the Ravens on Sunday?  Was that loss just a result of putting so much energy into beating the Steelers?  In a word, yes.  I will give you a few reasons why Sunday’s loss to the Titans should be ignored.

So much energy has been put into beating the Steelers when Ben starts, it almost blinded the team to all else that mattered.  Next reason:  ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.  Period, that is it my friends.  Put any more water into it, and you are spinning your wheels.  The team had a bad game.  They certainly weren’t going to go undefeated.  Additionally, we armchair Quarterbacks, Madden Head Coaches, and Kitchen GM’s did not give the Titans enough credit.  I liken this to a cornerback getting burned for a touch down.  Understand it and move on otherwise you become paralyzed for the rest of the game or year.

Of course if they fall to St. Louis, then their might be a tiger in the bathroom after all.

I could rip the coaching staff apart.  But now is not the time.  I have made it a mortal imperative NOT to watch John Harbaugh post game, in any regard.  It isn’t meant for me.  Much like a politician speaking to anyone who will listen, they have to do it.  Is it the truth?  Probably not.  I grew up on football as 49er fan, and as any will know, the hated Giants, were much like the Titans, not in the same division, but usually a pain in the ass.  So, I have watched many a Bill Parcell’s post game pressers and I do not think there was ever anyone better, even if he was the enemy.

I awoke, covered in flaming thumbtacks, wondering how the hell this happened.  In the end, it is best not to lament, braise, and grouse over the cause.  Oh it is cathartic to do so and l will not admonish anyone for doing it.  But I think the focus should be on St. Louis and beating them.  This is what the players are focused on.

Where’s Doug?

Let’s not get carried away with the injury report either.  Outside of Joe Flacco getting hurt, there is not an injury excuse as the Green Bay Packers showed.  Great teams overcome injury.  Speaking of Flacco, not to single him out, but brother, you played like crap – a big steaming pile of it.  I don’t know if the Rock smelled what you were cooking but “that was powerful stuff man”.  You might want to push Lysol along with Pizza Hut brother, because you laid it out there that you are a top 5 QB and that was not top 5 performance.

If you re-watch the Hangover right now, just picture Chow jumping out of that trunk with a Titans helmet on, the price of underestimating!

On the upside, I won my fantasy game!  Now I won’t sit here and turn my blog into Fantasy Football, but it is one of the beauty’s of the sport, there are so many other places you can get enrichment even if your team lost.  Okay, I was not thrilled by getting ousted game one of the suicide pool, but that frees me up from sweating the rest of the year.  And as much as I hate the Patriots, I have two players from that team, so the weekend is not always a total loss.

Now, if the Ravens can avoid the Hangover Part II in St. Louis all will be fine.

If not, we might start comparing the season to SAW. 

“Hello John Harbaugh… I want to play a game.”


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