KIDZ KORNER: Spell Jets M-E-S-S!

Street Talk KIDZ KORNER: Spell Jets M-E-S-S!

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Faith has been restored in Baltimore and the Lord has been praised, the Ravens have rebounded against the Rams.  Many doubters after the disgusting game in Tennessee have had their faith restored.  Against the Jets, the Ravens will capitalize and will hand the Jets a humiliating loss.  In the end, the J-E-T-S will be a M-E-S-S MESS MESS MESS!!!!!!!

On Offense

On offense, keep doing what you were doing against the Rams.  The Jets have declined since last year on defense, and cannot get any pass rush against anyone unless they blitz.  Their pass rush this year is the equivalent of the Ravens’ last year. 

Cam Cameron cannot use “Rice up the middle” on every play against the Jets.  They still have a good run defense, and you need to get creative to run on them.  Cam should look at the Oakland game last week, and we will trample the Jets.  On the pass, take Bolden out of the plan, ‘cause he’s going to be the lone resident of Revis island.  It’s time for Dickson, Doss, Smith, and Evans to shine.  If they are blocked, dump it to Rice, the Jets are vulnerable against a screen pass. 

On Defense

On defense, priority is to pressure Sanchez.  Sanchez is extremely overrated.  Hello, he’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in his career!!!!!!!!  His receivers are BAAAD!!!!!  Holmes is the only decent option he has.  Other than that he has Dustin Keller who has a habit of running out of bounds before reaching the 1st down marker, Plaxico Burress, who can’t run since he shot himself, and a 60 year old Derrick Mason.  Put Cary Williams on Holmes so that your best is against their best, and put Carr on Plaxico.  Wouldn’t you know we finally found someone that Domonique can keep up with; only to have him go on IR, put anyone on Mason.  He can’t outrun my Grandma.  The Jets passing game will not be a factor. 

Stopping the run will be easy.  Ask Cam how to game plan against LT.  LT made Cam Cameron look like an offensive generous, which we all know he’s not, during his time in San Diego.  That leaves the focus on Greene, who is also BAAAAAD.  Greene is a power back, and the Ravens can handle them.  Overall, the Jets won’t be able to move the ball. 


Let’s give the O’s/losers a shout-out!  Wasn’t that great?  We sent the Red Sox packing after they have made us eat dirt for the past 10 years.  Mike and Mike played this in the spirit of the Red Sox collapse.


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