KIDZ KORNER: Coach Harbs, you have some ‘splain’ to do

Flashback Friday KIDZ KORNER: Coach Harbs, you have some ‘splain’ to do

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Well… it was a good game Sunday, But not great.

Very average is how we played against a very average team. From the first snap until about 5 minutes in Quarter 4, I was concerned. I had horrible flashbacks of the Ravens epic collapse last year in Houston on Monday Night Football. It’s a good thing that they pulled it out because certainly we Ravens fans would not exactly be happy with Coach Harbaugh and our Baltimore Ravens.

Going into another primetime game versus Jacksonville, (A hopefully easy game), we could not afford to lose another game. We have Pittsburgh at Heinz Field, a tough game against Phillip Rivers’ Chargers, and two not so easy games versus a Cincinnati team who has only lost two games.

As I said we pulled it out, which is fine, but not before a huge scare in Charm City.

Going into a big MNF game against the Jags, there are some things I would like to see the team do.


The obvious thing to say would be that the offensive line play MUST get better! But that is a given! So I am going to go somewhere else. Please tell me why the coaching staff insists on keeping Joe Flacco and Ray Rice in the game for the ENITRE game?? Flashback to week 3, the Ravens are up by 27 points going into the fourth quarter. Please take your starters out! Ray Rice we all know is our biggest playmaker on offense! Why risk getting him hurt? This week we had a drive when we knew we had the game sealed but had to run just a few more plays. Who is in the game? Ray Rice and Joe Flacco! PLEASE TELL ME WHY! Why not give Tyrod Taylor a shot to run the offense to have some experience against an NFL offense? Say Flacco gets hurt in the very first play against Pittsburgh. You are going to have Tyrod Taylor who has had zero NFL regular season experience and is playing against a top-notch Steelers defense. Even sign a guy Like Chad Pennington who has at least some experience that could adequately fill in when needed.


Dear Chuck Pagano, Please put Blaine Gabbert on his rear-end the entire game. When the Ravens put pressure on Matt Schaub on Sunday he didn’t have any idea what to do! But when we gave him just a little time he was converting all over the place! Pagano has to draw up blitzes against Gabbert. He should be seeing Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis ALL DAY LONG! If this happens, the young QB will be scrambling for his life the entire night! I wouldn’t mind stuffing Maurice Jones-Drew all night either!

Special Teams-

There hasn’t been much Billy Cundiff has done wrong this year. 5-5 in Field Goals last week and one of his kicks went into the second row into the stands! I am concerned about health more than anything on kick returns and punt returns. One thing that makes me furious is putting Lardarius Webb back to return punts! With all the health issues that we have in our secondary why would you even think about risking Webb’s health? I do not want to have to rely on Danny Gorrer and Cary Williams to carry the load! And okay that’s one of the worst things you can do right? Think again. Sure enough Ed Reed was back to take a punt return. Why. Tell me why John. Tell me why we are risking two main defensive players when you have guys like Laquan Williams who is most likely just as good as Webb. Even if he is not. Give him a chance!

Please Ravens, we need to stay healthy if we want a shot at the Lombardi Trophy!


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