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Street Talk Random thoughts and musings inspired by the NFL

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The illustrious Baltimore Sun has the Pittsburgh Steelers atop the AFC North this morning. Could someone tell them that the total number of wins doesn’t automatically put you in first place? A difficult concept to grasp for sure so I’ll cut them some slack (NOT!). If you want proof click here but be aware, The Sun is watching you and ready to charge you to visit their position on the worldwide web. Sort of like McDonald’s charging you to enter the restaurant for the privilege of buying their food. Special shout out to BaltimoreMediaBlog.com for bringing this to our attention!

Wonder if the Oakland Raiders already have buyer’s remorse with Carson Palmer. That trade was all about winning NOW but if yesterday against the Kansas City Chiefs is any indication, winning MIGHT come later – much later and by then it will be too late for this bad trade to make sense for even the greatest of Raiders apologists.

We’re hearing that Tony Sparano, borrowing a page from The Soprano’s “Pussy”, has asked Dolphins management not to shoot him in the face…Despite the come from behind win, Tim Tebow is not going to be a consistent winner in the NFL. Let’s keep in mind this was the Miami Dolphins they were playing in front of a Tebow-friendly crowd. That said he is still better than Matt Moore.

Between the Dolphins and the Colts, the Suck for Luck tournament should be interesting (we’re only neglecting the Rams because they have Sam Bradford). It’s a shame these teams don’t play each other. Sure the game would suck but would it suck any worse than last night’s Colts @ Saints? Speaking of which, why was Drew Brees in the game when the score was 48-7? Doesn’t seeing the Colts without Peyton Manning mean anything to Sean Payton? Maybe the pain meds were kicking in for the N’Awlins skipper.

Is it me or is Philip Rivers starting to come down with a case of Romo-itis? The guy can’t seem to win big games…Think the Titans kept the receipt on that Chris Johnson signing bonus?…And while we’re talking refunds, think Cleveland fans can get one for that 6-3 juggernaut at Browns Stadium yesterday? Well, maybe not – there’s not much else to do in Cleveland…Boo Suh! Dude is an awesome player and the mean streak is cool but the lack of class isn’t. Chrysler might want to re-think any future endorsements with Ndamukong.

I don’t get why the Redskins had to switch to a quarterback who hasn’t won a single NFL start in his career. Rex Grossman is pretty bad but does the expression, “going from bad to worse” mean anything to Mike Shanahan?…Nobody asked me but teams that have blackouts during the season due to poor attendance should be the only teams eligible to “host” a game at Wembley Stadium in London. And what’s with the Goo Goo Dolls playing to the crowd? Seems to me there are a few “decent” British bands out that way and if they had to go American, Goo Goo Dolls? Really?

Aaron Rodgers is on FIRE – 24 for 30, 355 yards and 3 TD’s. But despite the outstanding performance by the game’s best QB, the Packers managed to beat the (1-6) Vikings by only 6 points. It was a win but maybe the Packers have shown a soft white underbelly for the first time. That said the Packers have a cupcake schedule ahead, particularly for a defending champion…Interesting that Josh Hamilton and Lance Berkman were on hand for the coin toss at JerryWorld yesterday. Maybe Berkman should have brought his entire St. Louis Cardinals squad of 25. They may have put up a better fight to stop rookie RB DeMarco Murray. Heading into the game Murray had 71 yards rushing on the season. He now has 324 after yesterday’s 253 yard Cowboys record performance. The former Sooner has seen tougher rushing defenses from K State. I bet Josh McDaniels didn’t think a new head coaching opportunity would surface THIS quickly!


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