MOJO’S WEEK 10 PICKS: Plus The Steelers are Crying  Another Three Rivers

Street Talk MOJO’S WEEK 10 PICKS: Plus The Steelers are Crying Another Three Rivers

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Nobody asked me but the Redskins organizationally put themselves in a pickle and here’s why…

Dan Snyder being Dan Snyder pulls a Dan Snyder move and hires Mike Shanahan. Now Shanahan was a great offensive coordinator for the 49ers back in a day, and he pretty much sucked as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

He moved on to Denver as we all know and rode the back of the great John Elway and an awesome rushing attack to two Super Bowl titles. But what has he done since “Mr. Ed” refused to saddle up again?

So Snyder, desperate for a winner gets snookered in to another head coach (Joe Gibbs being the other) looking to use his resume to milk the Redskins for millions and millions. Gibbs happily took the money and ran to the closest NASCAR raceway. Snyder indirectly financed Gibbs’ next life adventure.

And now he’s helping along another career – advancing Kyle Shanahan’s career.

Now here’s the rub –Shanahan has no street cred and Daddy is trying to help in that regard. But the plan is failing and now Daddy wants to redirect the blame towards a logical culprit – the quarterback.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Rex Grossman split first-team snaps with Beck during practice this week.  In other words this is Shanahan’s zero tolerance plan. One slip up and Beck will be carrying the clipboard.

Mojo sets the over/under for the move at 7:30 of the second quarter.

In case you’ve missed it there’s a Pittsburgh Pity Party going down. Here’s a franchise that has been blessed with good luck for decades – the Immaculate Reception, Jackie Smith dropped TD and one-sided officiating in Super Bowl XL come to mind.

But the Steelers and their fans have taken to blaming the officiating for their struggles against Baltimore and Roger Goodell for the cheap shots they take. Really?

After all the fines they’ve received (13 fines against 10 Steelers, totaling $182,500 this season) and didn’t (see Polamalu’s un-flagged tackle of Wes Welker) you’d think these knuckleheads might learn. But not Cryin’ Ryan Clark after getting hit with a fine for 40 large.

“It’s going to turn into, if you are going to fine me $40,000, I might as well put him to sleep for real or I might as well blow his knee out,” Clark told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Maybe if Clark was more concerned about playing his position and not crushing defenseless receivers the Steelers may have beaten the Ravens on Sunday Night.

Staying with the AFC North, the division is shaping up to be the best in football, particularly if the Bengals are for real. But the Browns are, well they are the Browns. Check out this Browns season ticket holder who takes out his frustrations on a building.

Last week Mojo was a very lame 6-7 v. the spread and 6-7 with winners bringing the seasonal totals to 51-45-4 v. spread and 64-37 with winners. I’ll say if for you RavensD, “I sucked!”

Looking for a new plan of attack, I’m going rapid fire here for Week 10:

Steelers (-4) @ Bengals ~ Steelers are coming off a loss; they’re all chippy and whiny and Mojo is still saying to the Bengals, “Show me!” After today Mojo will still be waiting. Steelers cover.

Broncos @ Chiefs (-3) ~ After a little Tebowing the answer arrived – take the home to cover.

Jaguars (-3) @ Colts ~ Indy keeps first place in the Suck for Luck tourney as MJD goes off.

Bills @ Cowboys (-5.5) ~ Love the points here. Cowboys get the win but it will come down to a field goal and the fans at JerryWorld eventually breathe a sigh of relief.

Texans (-3.5) @ Bucs ~ Going with the home dog in this one but Texans squeak out a win in the end.

Titans @ Panthers (-3.5) ~ Mojo hasn’t been a Panthers believer from the start. Why start now? Mojo is totally digging that extra .5. Titans cover but lose.

Redskins (-4) @ Dolphins ~ Rex Grossman comes off the bench and guides the Native Americans to the win. Yes, Rex Grossman.

Saints @ Falcons (pick ‘em) ~ Sing it Black Eyed Peas – DIRTY BIRDS!

Lions @ Bears (-2.5) ~ You can’t hide those Lion eyes and they lack confidence these days. Lay the points and go with Da Bears!

Cardinals @ Eagles (-14) ~ Problems in Philly aren’t bad enough to keep the Eagles from a win, but they’re bad enough to keep the game closer than this 14 point line.

Ravens (-6.5) @ Seahawks ~ Which Ravens team will show up? Heads Ravens, tails crows…and it’s heads. Take the Ravens and lay the points.

Giants @ 49ers (-3.5) ~ Once again the extra ½ point is too tempting. Niners go to (8-1) but barely.

Patriots @ Jets (-2) ~ Are the Pats done? The signs are there but Brady & Co. hang on tonight. When in doubt go with the better coach and QB and clearly those belong to New England.

Vikings @ Packers (-13) ~ Vikings almost caught Green Bay napping the last time these NFC North rivals squared off. That won’t happen on the national stage. America can go to sleep early. This one is over by halftime.


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