MOJO’S WEEK 11 PICKS plus some “love” for “Cro”

Street Talk MOJO’S WEEK 11 PICKS plus some “love” for “Cro”

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Will he play or will he sit out? That’s the question Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is hoping resonates in the collective mind of the Bengals coaching staff.

Earlier this week it was reported by the Carroll County Times that Ray Lewis would miss at least this week’s game against divisional rival, the Cincinnati Bengals. From what we’ve seen from Coach Harbaugh at a recent presser is that he’s feeling a little testy about the info leak. Apparently he feels it gives Marvin Lewis & Company a tactical edge.

So instead of the “out” status, Harbaugh is labeling Ray “questionable” and the Ravens have been sure to let the national talking heads such as Peter King in on the “possibility” that Ray Lewis, being Ray Lewis and the consummate warrior, just might tough it out and play.

Obviously Harbaugh believes the mystery requires a greater planning effort on the part of the Bengals staff. For me the cover up suggests one thing – Ray Lewis will be a sideline observer today and Harbaugh has concerns about the “next man up”. If not why would Harbaugh be so testy? If Ray truly intended to play, why wouldn’t Harbaugh after being questioned about Lewis’ status say something like, “we’ll see on Sunday.”

Maybe Harbaugh should spend more time in the self-scouting room and less time in “spin cycle.”

That Tim Tebow sure is a lightning rod. It seems that every ESPN show, every NFL Network program and every sport talk show across the nation has spent time discussing the former Heisman Trophy Winner.

Purists will claim that Tebow sets quarterbacking decades. Detractors chuckle at Tebow’s play while supporters argue that the only stat of matter is the “W”.

Wherever you stand on Tebow nearly all would agree that he’s unconventional and most would agree that when defenses formulate a better plan to stop this one-dimensional quarterback, his effectiveness will dwindle and along with it the wins.

On Thursday night Tebow once again came out on top, sealing the victory with this game winning romp into the end zone.

Note the tackling effort (or lack thereof) from Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie takes to tackling the way the characters of True Blood take to the sunlight.
Earlier in the game Cromartie dropped an unsuspecting receiver and then stood over him as if he was a secondary enforcer on par with the Cardinals Adrian Wilson. C’mon Cro, we all know you don’t like to get dirty. Need more proof of the Jets’ CB disdain for tackling? Check out Cromartie in this video (No. 31 for the Chargers) during a playoff game a couple years back.
Maybe Cromartie is just trying to stay healthy. After all he has plenty of mouths to feed.
Four kids age 3 (now 4), eh Cro?
Dude that must’ve been a good week for you…
Last week Mojo was a Mendoza line hugging SOB AGAIN going 7-7 v. the spread and 8-6 with winners bringing the seasonal totals to 58-52-4 v. spread and 72-43 with winners. SMH…
Like a dog without a bone and actor out on loan, here goes Week 11:
Titans @ Falcons (-6) ~ Oh Atlanta, Oh Atlanta, Titans act like they want to get back to you…they’ll give it a good try but it won’t be enough to win but it will be enough to cover.
Bills @ Dolphins (-2) ~ My oh my have things changed. Put this game on the board a
few weeks ago with this line and you’d be laughing your way to the bank. Now not so much. Mojo still not ordering fish here. Bills cover AND win.
Bengals @ Ravens (-7) ~ Bengals have some key injuries to Leon Hall and to AJ Green and those losses justify the line. Ravens will miss Ray Lewis but not that much. The defense will actually make the difference here. Ravens to win but fail to cover.
Jaguars @ Browns (-1) ~ Pretty bad when you are a dog to the Dawg Pound. It’s gonna get ugly but ugly suits the hometown team and their fans just fine. Browns cover.
Raiders @ Vikings (-1) ~ Whooooooooa…sucka! Looks like easy pickings with the Raiduz right? Wrong. Vikings win and cover.
Panthers @ Lions (-7) ~ Many are now wondering if the Lions are for real. So is Mojo but for now look for Mufasa & Co. to carry some momentum into Thanksgiving. Day-twa covers.
Bucs @ Packers (-14) ~ Until further notice put Mojo down for the Packers covering each week.
Cowboys @ Redskins (-7) ~ No reason to like the Redskins at all in this one. EVERYTHING points towards Dallas which is exactly why Mojo is taking the points while watching the Cowboys win outright.
Cardinals @ 49ers (-10) ~ The gold keeps rushing in and so will Frank Gore. Niners cover.
Seahawks @ Rams (-3) ~ So the osprey beat the Ravens while the Ravens destroyed the sheep earlier this season. So logic suggests you take the Seahawks, right? Sure but wagering on NFL games is hardly logical. Rams to cover and Mojo don’t know how it happens, but it does.
Chargers @ Bears (-3 1/2) ~ Chargers are on the brink of an implosion. They get closer to that brink after today. Bears cover.
Eagles @ Giants (-5) ~ Everyone wants to bury the Eagles but not so fast. They’ll play like a wreckless crew today but fall a little short while covering the line.
Chiefs @ Patriots (-15) ~ Tyler Palko v. Tom Brady? Yeah ok…give me the Patriots to cover.


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