MOJO’S PICKS: How do you spell jerk? S-U-H

Street Talk MOJO’S PICKS: How do you spell jerk? S-U-H

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During my gridiron days which were rather unimpressive, Mojo met a few players who were absolute gentlemen off the field. BUT, when they buckled up their chinstraps and popped in their mouthpieces, something happened to them. It was as though the smell of dirt, sweat and sometimes blood would awaken something within them, akin to the way a full moon might awaken a beast from the haunted moors of England.

Ndamukong Suh is one of those players. At least Mojo used to think so.

Tolerating fools and jerks isn’t a skill that comes naturally to me. Suh is a jerk. It’s one thing to lose your mind on the field but don’t play us all for fools and tell us that what we saw we didn’t really see at all and you aren’t worried about the court of public opinion because God understands your intentions.


So what now for Suh? Well like with most children who don’t learn from previous “time outs” the next one will get a bit more severe. If Ryan Clark can be fined $40,000 for his hit on Ed Dickson as a repeat offender, Suh’s childish temper tantrum stomp on the Packers’ Evan Dietrich-Smith’s arm is deserving of no less than a two game suspension. Precedent for this was set five years ago when Albert Haynesworth was suspended for five games after he did the two-step on Andre Gurode’s naked head.

You have to wonder where Jim Schwartz is with all this. Think about this for a second. Since Schwartz took over the Lions’ sideline, his teams have led the league in personal fouls. Mix in his embarrassing overreaction during Shake Gate and his inability to control his best player and Mojo is starting to think that the at-times out of control behavior stems from Schwartz.

It would be a shame to see this season slip away from the Motor City and while the Lions aren’t exactly circling the bowl just yet, how they arrived at their 7-4 record isn’t exactly invigorating given their 5-0 start.

And while we’re on the topic of jerks, check this out posted by Jerry Jones on the Cowboys’ official web site:

“I’m telling you, this Jason Garrett. I like the plans where we get out there and get 30-point wins. I’m going to talk to him about that. We need bigger wins.”

Yo Jerry, this is the NFL not the BCS. The margin of victory doesn’t matter.

Now on to something that does matter – today’s games!

On Thanksgiving Mojo was 2-1 against the spread and 3-0 on winners (see below). Let’s dip into today’s games…

Cardinals @ Rams (-2 ½) ~ Mojo pities the poor fans forced to watch this clinker. Give me the home team in this battle of teams that have both defended (maybe offended) the Gateway to the West.

Bills @ Jets (-9 ½) ~ Ever since signing his new contract Bills quarterback Ryan FITZpatrick is more like the Edmund FITZgerald. The sinking will continue. Lay the points as the Jets margin of victory outpaces Rex Ryan’s double digit weight gain on Thursday!

Browns @ Bengals (-7) ~ Different Bengals meet same old Browns. At least the Browns losing ride home won’t be too long. Lay the points.

Texans (-6 ½) @ Jaguars ~ Matt Leinart in for the IR’d Matt Schaub. Relatively speaking the new Matt is not so welcoming for Houston fans. Texans squeak by on talent but it won’t be pretty. Jags cover.

Panthers (-3 ½) @ Colts ~ Colts to notch their first W. There, Mojo said it!

Bucs @ Titans (-3 ½) ~ Don’t know why but Zac Brown songs just popped into the Mojo mind but knee-deep in the water somewhere cover bands on Second Avenue will be more exciting than this game. Let’s stay with the home team to cover.

Vikings @ Falcons (-9 ½) ~ Domers battle it out only trouble for the Vikings is no AP! That said they will keep it closer than the line as Jared Allen drops Matt Ryan multiple times.

Bears @ Raiders (-3) ~ No Jay Cutler, no win for Bears on the road. Lay the points and watch the Raiders just win baby!

Redskins @ Seahawks (-3) ~ Line doesn’t make any sense to Mojo. But then again, there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense to Mojo. Going with the 12th man and laying the points.

Broncos @ Chargers (-5 ½) ~ Look for the Chargers to start quick and force Tebow to play catch up…and he will, not enough to win but enough to cover the line.

Steelers @ Chiefs (-10 ½) ~ Ditto the Chargers plan but the Chiefs southpaw doesn’t have enough in the tank to keep it close. Chris Collinsworth will be talking about Hines Ward’s next career just to keep this one more “interesting”. Steelers romp!

Giants @ Saints (-7) ~ Change it from Big Blue to Feeling Blue in this one. Giants don’t have the horses and Eli’s homecoming won’t be so memorable for the G-Men. Saints march in!


Ok, Mojo is a bit detained at the moment. Somehow this morning morphed from a Bloody Mary to overcome the greatest happy hour night of the year (Thanksgiving Eve) and then that became a pumpkin ale (which Mojo actually hates) and then a coffee with Bailey’s.

Needless to say, it’s already a Happy Thanksgiving…

But, let me get to today’s 3 games and I’ll hit up the balance of the schedule tomorrow.

Packers (-4) @ Lions ~ Many are predicting an upset and the line suggests that it’s possible. But Mojo can’t get beyond the matchup between Aaron Rodgers and the Lions’ inviting secondary. Packers cover.

Dolphins @ Cowboys (-7) ~ Mojo is think Romo is a bit full of himself these days and thinks he’ll get the stuffing beaten out of him by the Phins’ Cameron Wake. Cowboys win but the fish cover the line.

49ers @ Ravens (-3 ½ ) ~ The sibling rivalry…I’m sure you are tired of hearing about it. Let’s talk about the game, a battle of two tough physical teams that are evenly matched. The difference is that Joe Flacco makes most of his big mistakes on the road and Alex Smith will make his in Baltimore. Ravens win but the ½ point is a difference maker in the line. Niners cover.


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