MOJO’S WEEK 13 PICKS plus why Mike Vick is a bust!

Street Talk MOJO’S WEEK 13 PICKS plus why Mike Vick is a bust!

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Is Michael Vick a bust?

Well that depends on what you mean by a bust now doesn’t it?

The guy can flat out ball. He’s a superior athlete who has all the tools. If he was a baseball player they’d say he was a 5-tool guy. But that doesn’t make him a good quarterback just like it never made the highly touted journeyman outfielder Felix Pie an All-Star.

Throughout his life Vick’s athleticism has been superior to everyone he lined up against. All the strategy in the world couldn’t consistently corral his explosiveness and that laser southpaw arm. He was and is a human highlight reel. It intoxicates fans, coaches, scouts and apparently the front office guys who sign the checks.

But now a few things are working against Vick.

Since the amazing come from behind victory over the Giants on December 19, 2010 Vick has won just 3 of 11 games. It’s safe to say that opponents have finally figured out how to corral the 2001 NFL Draft’s No. 1 overall pick.

And here’s the other and potentially more dangerous thing working against Vick. He’s so reliant upon his legs to either extend plays or be a ball carrier and that exposes him to greater threats of injury. And the more your franchise quarterback is on the bench, the less likely is your team’s chances of winning.

Oh and let’s not forget that Mojo is still waiting to see the first player who gets faster as he ages and after he sustains more injuries.

You know the Eagles have been arguably the best franchise in the NFL managing the salary cap. They have astutely selected players that they wanted to remain Eagles long-term and inked them to contracts prior to the end of then current contracts. It helped them to achieve long-term contractual value.

And by the way, DeSean Jackson’s new contract (or lack thereof) is a clear sign that the Eagles have no intention of rewarding him with a long-term deal if history is any indication.

But then again, maybe history is not a good indicator for these Philadelphia Eagles. Maybe they’ve changed because those old fiscally savvy Eagles would never have signed a lock down corner to play predominantly zone coverages or a quarterback with diminishing returns to a $100 million deal.

Hold your ears Eagles fans – we haven’t quite heard the pop yet but Michael Vick, if contract value is your measuring stick, is looking like a bust.

Now, on to the games beginning with tonight’s contest featuring the Eagles and the Seahawks.

On the season Mojo is 72-65-6 v. the spread and 93-50 v. winners.

Eagles (-3) @ Seahawks ~ So let’s get this straight, the Birds fly west on a short week to play in one of the more difficult stadiums on the planet for visitors and they are 3 point favorites despite being without the services of Michael Vick and possibly LeSean McCoy? Ok let’s look at it this way. If there was a nice juicy salmon swimming at the surface of Puget Sound, which bird of prey would I put my money on? Give me the Eagles and lay the points.

Wow, now that forecast probably doesn’t give you much confidence that this will be a good week for Mojo now does it. Stay with me folks, I’m feelin’ it. Mr. Mojo is rising!

Here we go!!!

Titans @ Bills (-2 ½) ~ Will history repeat itself and will there be another Music City Miracle? Maybe on ice in Nashville but this one is in Northwestern New York. Lay the small line.

Chiefs @ Bears (-7) ~ Two dud quarterbacks make this one boring and the more dominating defense prevails. Da Bears cover easily.

Raiders @ Dolphins (-3) ~ Mojo did it once, twice, three times in a row with the Dolphins and still wasn’t a believer. Call me thrice bitten twice shy. Guppies all over the pirates.

Bengals @ Steelers (-6 ½) ~ Will Big Ben’s big boo-boo affect his throwing, blah, blah, blah. Sorry Bengals fans, this is the time of year that separates the men from the boys. Kitties scatter and run for cover but they won’t cover the line.

Ravens (-6  ½) @ Browns  ~ There are some angry people in Cleveland. They’ll get to stay angry when the team formerly known as the Cleveland Browns de-bones the Dawg Pound.

Jets (-3) @ Redskins ~ The Rex Bowl, Ryan v. Grossman. Whoopie! Strange matchup here but Mojo is going to lay the line and go with Gang Green but he won’t mind losing this one. The Jets are frauds!

Falcons (-2 ½) @ Texans ~ Down to their third string quarterback, Texans pull the mild upset as their defense rules the day in their own crib and win outright.

Panthers @ Bucs (- 3 ½) ~ This one should be fun to watch and Mojo is expecting a highlight show from the cookie man – Fig Newton. Black cats win outright!

Lions @ Saints (-9) ~ Saints are marching at home while the Lions just stomp, right Ndamukong? Look for the kings of the jungle to not look so royal in this one. No Motown for Mojo.

Broncos @ Vikings (-1 ½) ~ Tebowing all the way. This is a gift from above and Mojo will happily take the points as Tebow does it again.

Rams @ 49ers (-13) ~ Niners have been hearing all week about whether they are contenders or pretenders. The mystery ends on Sunday as the football team by the bay is Oh-Oh-Oh-all-OOOOVER the Rams in dominant style.

Cards @ Cowboys (-4 ½) ~ Looking for a flat Cowboys team to barely cover in this one. Going Big Red and taking the points.

Packers (-7) @ Giants ~ Many are predicting an upset in this one but Mojo is wondering why. Is it because the Giants are the most likely team on the Green Bay’s remaining list of opponents to spoil the perfect season? Is it because Big Blue spoiled the Patriots perfect season in Super Bowl XLII? Doesn’t matter – cheesers cover the G-Men crackers.

Colts @ Patriots (-20) ~ Mojo, while playing the bar scene usually subscribed to the theory that a girl who was a “2” at 10 could be a “10” at 2. That said, if the Colts were a girl, she’d still be a “2”. Lay the line.

Chargers (-2  ½) @ Jaguars ~ Jags can be a feisty team while the Bolts are low wattage these days and they are crumbling at the core. This one is easy! Jags win outright.


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