Finally, One Ravens Nation?

Street Talk Finally, One Ravens Nation?

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December 11, 2011, could that be the turning point for the Ravens Nation? Are we finally one football nation indivisible, with one common goal for our football team?

Watching this week unfold there was not the typical angst and anger that has been part of past Colts week. Is it that the Colts have fallen to the bottom of the league and the Ravens are in the hunt for the top seed? Is it that we have finally embraced the purple and black and have moved beyond the horseshoe?

The radio call in shows had very little discussion about the Colts, the tailgate lots were devoid of anything blue and white. The despised ‘I’ name never came up. As game day rolled around I was interested to see if the fans attitudes would change.

On game day the crowd was all about the Ravens. I certainly appreciate the Unitas jerseys that were scattered through the stadium. It’s a tribute to our past. We can appreciate what those players did in paving the way for our Ravens. The memories of the blue and white will always be a part of our fabric but the blue has turned to die hard purple.

Ray, Suggs, Flacco, Rice, Reed, Ngata are the players we will be telling our children and grandchildren about.  

Sit back and enjoy the rest of the season. Something special is in the air.

Feels a little like Festivus!


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