Cam Cameron: Lucky or Undercover Genius?

Street Talk Cam Cameron: Lucky or Undercover Genius?

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It seems each week you can find a blog somewhere on the internet bashing Cam Cameron for one reason or another, but let’s take a step back and harbor a different possibility for a few minutes. I may need an entire bottle of Listerine after uttering these words but is it possible that our beloved Cam is actually a genius?

Bear with me on this one it may seem crazy at first.

When you look at the Ravens three losses against the Titans, Jaguars, and Seahawks there are a few trends that haunt the Ravens in each loss. The first and most glaring is that all of these losses have come on the road, making home field in the playoffs all the more valuable. The second is that the opponent has averaged 35 minutes of possession time while the Ravens only average 25. The final trend is that Ray Rice has carried the ball 5, 8, and, 5 times respectfully in these games.

All three of these things are linked together. If you run the ball well you will control the clock; if you control the clock it makes winning on the road easier as it can take the air out of any stadium when a visiting offense strings together consecutive long drives.

So how does this prove that Cam is a genius?

If they are going to win games in December and the playoffs they will need Ray Rice healthy and ready to pound the rock. So why wouldn’t Cam run the ball in these three games? The theory proposed is that each of these games should have been “Sure” wins, and that perhaps Cam thought he could get by with a heavier passing attack in effort to preserve Ray Rice for later in the season.

Seems like a stretch but look at the results.

Rice told reporters this morning after practice that his lack of carries have been a “blessing in disguise” leaving him fresh for December. In his 2 games in December Rice has rushed for over 300 yards, 200 coming against the Browns on December 4th.

Although fans would much prefer the Ravens to be 12-1 or 11-2 by now perhaps Cam was on to something by not overexerting his Pro Bowl running back early in the season in hopes of leaving him fresh.


Or maybe this is nonsense and he should have been running the ball all season long and Cam got lucky with the recent explosive production from Ray Rice. What matters now is that he feeds his star and that the Ravens keep winning games and secure home playoff games.


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