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Street Talk Taking a local columnist to task

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Does crow come in donut flavor?  How about large slice of foot in your mouth? 


Brian Billick was on local radio recently and stated that a certain writer pretends he knows football.  Many people were up in arms that Mr. Billick lowered himself by taking a swipe like that.  I do not.  I think it is well within his rights to call out someone who makes a living by criticizing. 

It is easy to sit back and shoot snakes and arrows.  I think a real test of writers is to be more than salty and provoke people.  That is what a message board is for; it is also why newspapers are dying.  No need to stir the pot or point out the obvious, the public is competent enough to do that on their own.  Bring something to the table about the Ravens with relevance.

Well, I guess Ray Lewis and Ed Reed aren’t done yet.  In my last column a reader asked me to point out specifically what made these two better than anyone else on the team at their respective positions. 

I think they showed on the field.  Sometimes in the modern age of writers, bloggers, and message boards there are too many words.  The victory over the Texans was clear that a couple old playmakers still had some game left in them.  Heroic at times Ed Reed seemed.  Nothing remains as clear as Ray almost carrying Ed off the field as he threw his body into the game.

Hats off to the Texans, they are a beastly team on the lines.  Arian Foster is a hammer.  That team gave the Ravens their best and they were in it till the end.  That team when healthy can be a future power.

Now what? The Ravens travel to Foxboro, where the team’s record against the Patriots is 1-6.  To hear the media, there is no reason to go.  There is no way the Ravens can win this game.  Brady and his tight ends are too powerful.  Welker can not be contained.  Maybe, maybe not.  It is why they play the game.

But I say to the doubters, should the Patriots put up anything less than the defensive effort that the Texans did, it might be a long day for the Patriots.  The hero HAS to be Ray Rice.  The offensive line and Vonta Leach must punish the Patriots.  Hard.  Often.  Keep Brady on the sideline.  Do not run at Vince Wilfork, he is simply too fat to get around, run behind Yanda and Oher, and let Leach destroy Jerod Mayo.

When that whiny, poor excuse for a professional football player is on the field, Terrell Suggs MUST destroy Logan Mankins and hit, harass, and sack Brady.  Without this, the game is lost.  If Suggs is to be Defensive Player of the Year, this is without question his moment.  It was made for this day.  If he has a monster game and the Ravens win, it will be in the bag.

Flacco, I think is being held up by his receivers.  I believe there were six dropped balls.  It helped do in the Packers.  They must work on this!

One more word on Tommy boy Brady and the Patriots; I have ZERO respect for either of them.  The spy gate tarnished their achievements and Tom’s constant crying to the refs sickens me.  So much so that I would love nothing more than to meet him at an autograph signing and get his signature just to tear the photo up and throw it at him and call him something far worse than a wimp.  It would be worth the 90 bucks!

So much for offense, both the Saints and the Packers were sent packing.  Now, if only the Ravens knock off the Pats, the term defense wins championships will be relevant again.

And, I think this year, in his passing; the immortal words of a legend should ring loud and clear to all Baltimore, to every Ravens player, coach and fan.

“Just win baby.” ~ Al Davis


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