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I heard this phrase in passing the other day and it hung in the air for a bit – “Prisoner of the Moment.” And then it made me think about how fickle the media is.

Collectively they get so caught up in the here and now and lose sight of the big picture. If a win isn’t highlight worthy or pass muster for fantasy football geeks, it must not be a good win. 

When a team gets a little momentum they become the one to watch out for regardless of previous inconsistencies. If a quarterback loses a playoff game despite a spectacular season, suddenly they can’t win the big one.

I was watching NBC Sports Network the other night for the first time and host Russ Thaler went out via satellite to Milwaukee to chat with a reporter who covers the Green Bay Packers. She was saying how the Packers fans were ripping Aaron Rogers for his Divisional Playoff performance against the Giants and that he really can’t measure up to Brett Favre.


What about the defense, aren’t they more to blame for the Packers’ struggles on Sunday? What about all those dropped passes and poor reads by the Green Bay receivers?

Aaron Rogers is the culprit? Seriously?

Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rogers?

Move out to San Francisco where Alex Smith performed magnificently against the high octane New Orleans Saints to advance to the NFC Championship Game. Smith was in a zone and executed the comeback like a Pro Bowl quarterback but the way the media describes Smith these days, you’d think it was the mid 80’s and the 49ers’ QB was wearing No. 16.

In Foxboro Tom Brady dissects the Denver Broncos, a defense that no one would confuse with the 2000 Ravens and suddenly the Patriots are unstoppable? Match that up against a Ravens team that had 8 three and outs on Sunday against the Texans and EVERYBODY is wondering how in the world the Ravens can keep up with Brady, Gronk and the high flying boys from Boston.

All stories, hot ones no doubt but in this world of instant gratification they trap your mind and imprison you in the moment.

Aaron Rogers was an absolute BEAST in 2011 and should win the MVP, but for the moment he’s the Wisconsin whipping boy.

Alex Smith, good game but all of this talk that he should be a Pro Bowl player – C’mon man!

And if you listened to the national media, even many locally, you’d think the Ravens should just stay home and not waste their time taking the short charter to Beantown after struggling against the league’s second best defense, the Houston Texans.

I have to think the Ravens are just soaking all of this in and loving every minute of it. They wear the underdog hat well. It functions as a motivating chip on their collective shoulder. You can’t explain it, you can only see it and it should influence the physicality that we’ll see in the trenches on Sunday in Foxboro. 

It won’t be pretty. The Ravens never really are.

The highlight reels won’t be so sexy. And that’s just the way the Ravens want it.

So go ahead, listen to the media sing Tom Brady’s praises and treat Bill Belichick as though he is the game’s inventor. Forget that the Patriots haven’t beaten a team over .500 this season. Forget that Brady’s career QB rating against the Ravens is a tad less than 78. Forget that not long ago the Patriots spotted the “powerhouse” Dolphins and Bills leads of 17-0 and 21-0, respectively. 

Go ahead, become intoxicated with the endless praise dished out by every imaginable sports media outlet.

Enjoy your cell block as a prisoner of the moment.

Then come talk to me after the Ravens win and you are out on parole.


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