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Street Talk Championship Weekend notables & quotables

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The best quotes from Sunday’s playoff games

There were some great quotes after two outstanding Championship Games. Here are a few of the best for your enjoyment.

“Tom Brady will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. Eli is approaching that status, but until he does I would have to give the nod to Tom Brady.” — Deion Sanders who he trusts more: Tom Brady or Eli Manning

“He took some big hits, yes he got sacked six times but he is cool, calm and collected under pressure. Eli did it again. He is really writing his legacy as we speak.” — Steve Mariucci on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns in the NFC Championship Game

“We talked about what makes you an elite quarterback, as Eli said he is an elite quarterback. It’s when you can lead your team to victories throwing the ball 58 times without any interceptions and then bringing guys up saying, ‘I’m going to make all of you guys play better.’” — Michael Irvin on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was 32-of-58 for 316 yards in the victory over the San Francisco 49ers

“It’s amazing. Growing up, you dream about it, you see it on TV, you see the game-winning kicks. But to actually be a part of one and be on your team and your kicker kicks the game-winner, and you actually get to be the one to run on the field and go to the Super Bowl, it’s amazing. It’s the best feeling in the world. I wouldn’t take it back for anything.” — New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz on the 20-17 victory in the NFC Championship Game

“Very few people work the middle of the football field like Victor Cruz.” — Michael Irvin on New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, who had 142 yards receiving in the 20-17 victory

“I tried to call one of those phones on the sideline to let him know he’s 6’4, 264 [pounds].” — Deion Sanders on New York running back Brandon Jacobs, who was stopped on a 4th-and-1

“Joe Flacco really outplayed Tom Brady. Hats off to Joe Flacco. He proved that he should be paid and he can take this team to the next level.” — Deion Sanders on Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who threw for 306 yards and two touchdowns in the loss to the New England Patriots

“His knowledge of the game keeps him around. That’s why he’s been able to play at a certain level for 16 years. When he stops playing at this level, that’s when I’ll start telling you it’s time for him to leave. Definitely not [that time yet].” — Deion Sanders on Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis


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