Stuck with Cameron AGAIN!

Street Talk Stuck with Cameron AGAIN!

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While the image of Billy Cundiff’s kick going wide left is still in my head every time I close my eyes, the pain has worn off a bit. Will it ever completely leave my mind? Probably not, but as a true fan I must move on.

So many changes have to happen that will be crucial to the structure of the team in 2012.

There was one non-move that left me speechless.

A coordinator is gone and it is NOT Cam Cameron?

I’ve had some time to think about keeping Cameron around. Nothing has changed… ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? What are we thinking? Cam Cameron might just be the worst Coordinator in the NFL and we are keeping him AGAIN?!?!  How many years is it going to take for the organization to realize that simply making the playoffs isn’t good enough? The ultimate goal in the NFL is to win Championships. I firmly believe that this one coach is keeping us from Super Bowl titles.

Now people may say, “Cam didn’t do anything to prevent us from a Super Bowl.”

Well think again!

Games in Tennessee, Seattle and Jacksonville were horribly play-called games. Winning just ONE of those games would have made us the number one seed and that AFC Championship game would have been home at M&T Bank.   The Patriots would have stood no chance.

Monday night game in Jacksonville… lost. Game in Tennessee after a thrilling win against the Steelers… lost. Battle in Seattle that had “WIN” written all over it… lost. All because of a failing offensive performance.

Everyone is upset with Lee Evans but did you ever think that if he got some work in the regular season that he would’ve been better prepared?

Hey Cam, How about we pass on first down every now and then instead of running up the middle every time.

Hey Cam, How about calling a play that the 70,000 people in the stands don’t know what it is.

And hey Cam, did you firmly believe in your play-calling that didn’t get us a first down in almost 3 quarters in Jacksonville was actually working?

Tell me why he should continue to coach?

The person I truly feel bad for is Ray Lewis. He has worked his tail off for the past 4 years and has continued to make our defense one of the best in the league year after year. But it doesn’t matter when your offense is struggling. Lewis has to be upset. He knows that this team has the potential to be World Champions year after year but his offense can never come through for him.

As a fan, I love going to Ravens training camp and all of the opportunities to get autographs from my favorite players and coaches. I get as many autographs that I can possibly get. I yell as loud as I can to get the attention of every person I can possibly get. With one exception… Cam Cameron. I just can’t do it when I know inside he is a key reason why we haven’t won a Lombardi Trophy since 2001.

The addition of Jim Caldwell is a move that better be utilized properly. Caldwell has to be a huge part of the offense if we want to even come close to a Super Bowl next year. Caldwell knows his stuff. Just because the Colts had a 2-14 record last year doesn’t mean anything. He had Curtis Painter at Quarterback for crying out loud.

Hopefully, Caldwell can eventually take Cam’s spot as the Offensive Coordinator. Because I don’t trust Cameron as a coach.


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