Sun Columnist claims area men have issues with lady sports talkers

Lombardi's Way Sun Columnist claims area men have issues with lady sports talkers

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I read recently where former 105.7 The Fan’s Jen Royle is still belly-aching over Baltimore.

Hey Jen, as my daughter one told me, “build a bridge and get over it!”

While she was here, I never really had the pleasure of spending any time with Royle but from what I hear from others who I do know and who know Jen, she’s a good girl who was miscast by management at 105.7 The Fan. And she can’t be blamed for that.

The blame rests on the shoulders of the station’s management . They know what Jen Royle is and the truth be told, they aren’t always concerned about the quality of their programming – only the bottom line. The station’s collection of lightning rods rivals that of a summer thunderstorm.

By her own admission on air when she first started covering the Baltimore Ravens, Royle didn’t know much about football or the team. And to put her on air is really an insult to the station’s listeners.

But even in her comfort zone of baseball, Royle brought little to the table except filler and fluff and to pair her up with baseball minds vastly superior to hers (Bob Haynie and Jim Duquette) only exacerbated the problem and accentuated her deficiencies, particularly for the station’s true customers – the listeners.

The Sun’s TV critic David Zurawik once had a different take on Royle’s departure.

“Royle, who has used social media as well any sports reporter in Baltimore, has been a controversial figure, there is no doubt about that. But as was the case with Anita Marks, who left a talk-show post at WJZ-FM last year, gender surely played a role.

Let’s be honest, the largely male sports-talk audience here seems to have some real issues with any woman on-air who has strong opinions on sports.”

Hey David Zurawik – YOU ARE CLUELESS!

For Zurawik to apply a broad-brush stroke like that suggesting local sports fans have issues with women sportscasters is grossly irresponsible, inaccurate and smacks of a hidden agenda.

Baltimore sports fans, men and women simply demand competency when it comes to covering their sports teams.

Something they didn’t get from Z on TV.


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