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Street Talk Get To Know The Funny Side Of Joe Flacco

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When the Ravens drafted him, Joe Flacco was nothing short of a shy 23-year old college graduate preparing for the real world. One overwhelming part of Flacco’s real world is that his job title was to be a rookie NFL starting quarterback and workplace adversity consisted of running from the Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

“If I’m Joe Flacco, I’ve got crazy swagger,” Ray Lewis said earlier this week. “Seriously, if I came in and led my team to four straight playoffs, two straight AFC Championship games and you’re a play away from being in the Super Bowl in both of those, you have to.”
Editor’s note: Ray has his facts a little confused here. Still, you know what he was getting at. Besides, are YOU gonna be the one tell tell Ray Lewis he’s wrong? Didn’t think so. 

Flacco’s success – or swagger – has helped him break out of his shell, and show more of who is under the helmet calling plays in the Ravens offensive huddle.

Fans caught the first glimpse of Flacco’s humorous personal life shortly after his wedding last season in late July. Flacco’s wedding pictures hit the Internet and immediately went viral, even with people who had no idea who he was.

In one instance, Flacco’s bride and high school sweetheart, Dana, was prepared to snap a bouquet of flowers to her husband but he was audibiling a formation with a bottle of champagne in his hand. 

During the first-year honeymoon phase of their marriage, the Flacco’s announced they were expecting the birth of their first child. During minicamp in June, Flacco left the Ravens facility early in the morning and drove to New Jersey to be alongside his wife as they celebrated the birth of their son Stephen.

After enduring the first rigors of fatherhood, Flacco is now the subject of many questions regarding his new role versus the role of an NFL quarterback.

Lack of sleep is something many parents experience with a newborn, for Ravens fans, it’s a hot topic because they’re hoping their quarterback is well rested.

“I’ve been sleeping, unless he is crying too long, and I happen to wake up. But if I do happen to wake up, I try to not let anyone know,” Flacco told reporters while laughing.

Flacco also has it made in regards to changing diapers. “I’m not doing any diaper changing, so I don’t have to be nervous for anything that he does besides keeping him healthy,” he said.

“To be honest with you, when I’m home with my wife and he’s around, I’m useless. I have nothing he wants. If he’s crying, ‘Hey hon, here you go.’ That’s my job right now,” Flacco said.

Flacco is looked upon to be a quick problem solver on the field and is also taking on that role at home.

“If [Dana] wants a couple of minutes by herself, I take him [Stephen] out to the car because that’s usually where he falls asleep.”

When asked about if his car would eventually turn into a minivan, Flacco laughed and said, “No, my wife’s not a big fan of minivans, so I don’t think we’ll be getting one. Al Packer Ford’s taking care of me, so… thanks, guys.”

Luckily for Flacco, he makes enough money to afford his wife time to stay at home with their child, and more money could be in their future with the Ravens and Flacco’s agent Joe Linta currently in contract negations for a long-term extension.

Eventually Flacco will be reading his playbook by day and a kids story book by night but it seems like a task he’s extremely prepared for. Until then, the city of Baltimore will be waiting for the next Flacco family picture as he is hopefully hoisting his son in the air while confetti drops from the ceiling of the Superdome at the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII.


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