A familiar and deserving whipping boy in Baltimore

Street Talk A familiar and deserving whipping boy in Baltimore

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Week 2 has come and gone, and the results in the first two games have been astonishingly similar to the 2011 campaign, a week 1 demolition against a rival AFC North team, and then a complete MELTDOWN against a team that we should be kicking all across the field.

It just doesn’t make sense. How can a team have an almost textbook week 1 and then follow up with a game that leaves fans puking afterwards? It’s simply incredible, the inconsistency of a squad that has every weapon needed to win The Big Game.

Whose fault is it? Sure, the O-Line needs to protect better and okay, the defense faltered a good bit yesterday, but these are all things that can be fixed! But I have a name that might be the reason we aren’t putting up 44 points every game.


I know that in years past people have blamed the dude for being uncreative and boring on offense. But after this last game, I am 100% convinced Cam Cameron has NO CLUE what the word “consistency” means. Did he not see those 44 points that we put up against Cincy? The offensive scheme worked to perfection! We completely destroyed the Bungles and their “Top 10 defense”. It was just great to watch.

So Week Two wouldn’t be any different, we would run the same offense and it would work to perfection again, right?  WRONG. Inconsistent offense and 6 punts later, we are 1-1.

People might conclude that putting up 23 points is great and we should be content with that. But why should we? Everyone in the NFL knows that this team is capable and should be putting up 30+ points every game! And having 6 drives ending in punts is just unacceptable.  And having 20 incompletions is too!

Sure, Joe didn’t have his best game, but does anyone ever think that maybe some of it has to do with lack of play creativity? I counted several plays where every receiver ran the same routes that were not being adjusted according to the defenses scheme. Why can’t we be creative for more than just one week?

Where were the reverses that we saw in the preseason and in Cincinnati? And I know I’m not the only person who realizes that between Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones the stat line was as followed: 5 catches for less than 80 yards. Why is it that our fullback is getting as many touches as our star WR’s? Crazy!

I realize that a common response I will get from this article is: What about our defense? They let up 24 points and really struggled throughout.

The answer is simple. It shouldn’t have mattered. The fact is 24 points should have been plenty enough to notch a 2-0 record. With all of the studs on this offense, it shouldn’t matter what our D plays like! Ozzie Newsome has made the pickups we need to be a power-house offense! We need to be the offense everyone fears.

Hear that Cam? Let’s BE that offense that dominates the league. BE that team that no one wants to play! We have the tools to do it! You showed us in Week 1 that we can be great, so let’s DO IT! Go out and show New England that it doesn’t matter that they have Tom Brady; we have Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens offense!

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