KIDZ KORNER: Q&A with Terrence Cody

Street Talk KIDZ KORNER: Q&A with Terrence Cody

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This week I had the great opportunity to interview Ravens DL Terrence Cody.

Joe Wedra- Who was your biggest inspiration growing up; and why?

Terrence Cody- My biggest inspiration growing up was my mom. The reason why is because she was a single parent raising 4 kids by herself and was still able to keep us fed, clothed, happy. Happy to have her as a mother.

When did you know that you wanted to play football and how did you find out that you loved the game?

I found I wanted to play football when I was 7 years old, I found out I loved the game and I was pretty good at it.

 What is it like being in the same locker room as Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, and Ed Reed?

Being in the same locker room with those guys is a honor and a blessing because they’re some of the greatest players in the league right now!

Could you describe what the fans were like at M&T against Cincinnati?

The fans in the Cincy game were energetic, and really loud!! I think they were a big factor in that game.

 Is there a game that pops out on this years schedule as a “must win” and why?

The Steelers are always a must win for us. Because we HATE the Steelers they want to be like us. **(Joe Wedra- this is my favorite answer!)**

 Who is your favorite QB to sack?

Big Ben.

What was it like, when you got drafted? How did you celebrate?

When I got drafted it was a great feeling because all the waiting and preparation was over. I went out with some family and friends.

Who would win in a wrestling match, you or Haloti Ngata and why?

Idk who would but it would be a good match! LOL

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