KIDZ KORNER: As Defensive Coordinator Pees doesn’t please

Street Talk KIDZ KORNER: As Defensive Coordinator Pees doesn’t please

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5-1 is a record that may stand out on the stat sheet, but it’s the numbers behind that number that really stand out.

Dean Pees’ defense has proven to be absolutely miserable in these first 6 games and glancing at the following numbers, it doesn’t look like they will improve:

* 396 yards per game (26th in the NFL)

* 136 rushing yards per game (26th in the NFL)

* 10 Sacks (24th in the NFL) (Fewest in AFC North)

It’s really sad to look at those numbers after watching a dominant Baltimore defense for years. Even when we went through the times with Elvis Grbac and Kyle Boller, we could always rely on our defense to put on a show! But now, we all DREAD having our “dominant D” on the gridiron.

“It can only get better.” – Every Ravens fan.

Well that just isn’t true.

And it’s not because of the loss of Webb and Lewis; it’s the elementary schemes of Mr. Dean Pees! I think it is clear that Pees just isn’t cutting it.

Remember last year when Chuck Pagano was at the helm? All we saw were creative blitzes from the linebackers, and powerful stunts from the D-Line. But with the new “Pees-fense”, each lineman is going head to head on the opposing lineman and their getting pounded every time.

Why can’t we get to the QB anymore? Does Dean Pees not realize that if a Quarterback has all day to throw, HE IS GOING TO COMPLETE THE PASS?

Even I know that if you dial up some stunts in the trenches, the offensive linemen are bound to get beat every now and then!

I can count on one hand the times that we got real pressure on Tony Romo on Sunday. And what happened when he did? He didn’t complete a ball!

It seems like a very logical concept that Pees obviously doesn’t understand.

We really miss you, Chuck Pagano…

With the departure of Ray Lewis, Ravens Nation is in a frenzy. But it’s just possible that this isn’t the worst thing ever. Speed is what the defense was lacking and maybe now, that’s what we will gain.

Dannell Ellerbe will get an increased workload with #52 out of the lineup and he will have his chance to prove that he is the answer when Ray isn’t on the field. The fact that he could be playing for a job here, could bode well for the entire defense. If Ellerbe can be quick, he could be the guy that can blitz in and disrupt the play in the backfield!


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