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It’s been a while, Baltimore. Terrell Suggs is coming back to Ravenstown and the team is on top of the AFC North. Who could have honestly predicted this without some sort of desperation or bias?

I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard that T-Sizzle had torn his Achilles tendon while playing basketball and I’m sure other Ravens fans remember too. I sent an admittedly premature text message to my father proclaiming our 2012 Super Bowl hopes as dead.

Of course as more information surfaced Suggs injury was classified as a minor tear and every fan had an opinion. Some were believers and some were skeptics, but everyone was rooting for Suggs to get healthy and return to the playing field quickly.

Three weeks ago the collective jaws of the NFL dropped when it was announced that Terrell Suggs would be active and on the field when the Ravens took on the Texans. Suggs wasted no time in making an impact for the defense as he threw Houston quarterback Matt Schaub to the Reliant Stadium grass for a sack. He was back.

And he is back. Back to the place he loves so much, M&T Bank Stadium. I can almost hear the hook to Young Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind” right now. I’m trying desperately to restrain from waving my fingers around my head in the “psycho” gesture that Sizzle has made famous over the years.

I’m begging you Baltimore. Make this a moment to remember, a tribute to defenses past and present, and an appreciation of the admirable work the Terrell Suggs has done to come back.

No one can deny that the Ravens defense has lost some of their swagger this season. Suggs’ Homecoming against the Raiders is a perfect opportunity for the defense to flex their muscle and gain some momentum going into a Sunday Night game in Pittsburgh.

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Kyle Purkey is a Senior at James Madison University currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology focusing on Exercise Science with a Minor in Coaching Education. He is an aspiring football coach and works as a videographer for the JMU Football Team. Growing up in Carroll County, Kyle’s love of the Ravens and football in general stems from watching Ed Reed make plays on Sundays. He is an avid weight lifter and Television enthusiast.

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