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If Rex Ryan wants to restore his image as a respectable NFL head coach to those that watch ESPN critique him, he should take Tim Tebow’s foot and shove it into Skip Bayless’ mouth.

Without a doubt, Bayless is the most overpaid ($500,000 per year), least talented, one trick pony in the history of on-air personalities to walk through ESPN’s campus.

For some reason, Skip hates Joe Flacco, and loves to point out that he is “not elite.” Skip should look in the mirror, because his daily debate show, First Take, is hardly elite.

Prior to his jockstrap-swinging obsession for a Christian quarterback from the University of Florida, Bayless actually possessed journalistic integrity and had a respectable name throughout the media. He wrote for many of the most popular sports columns in America, thus landing him an opportunity with ESPN.

The way Bayless talks about Tebow can be compared to a six-year old confessing her love for Justin Bieber. Bayless is infatuated with Tebow’s talent and image and it’s a wonder his fiancé, Ernestine Sclfani, has never told him to just keep quiet.

In Baltimore, his outpouring distaste for the Baltimore Ravens has absorbed First Take so much, the foundation is just drips away from ripping like a toy truck on a toilet paper commercial played between yelling segments on the show.

Toilet paper – talk about perfect product placement.

Within two weeks of his return from surgery to his Achilles tendon, Terrell Suggs once again joined First Take to combat Bayless and his continued Ravens-bashing.

At the time, Bayless said the Ravens would lose seven games in a row following the loss of Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb. Suggs, who is never short of a good sound bite, replied with, “I still don’t know how this guy has a job.”

Bayless fuels himself on arguments and taking sides is one thing but looking like an idiot is another.

This morning, Bayless was up to his usual antics once again as he talked about the Steelers’ options at quarterback given that Ben Roethlisberger has an injured shoulder. Bayless said, “Do you really trust Joe Flacco more than you trust Byron Leftwich?”

Okay, now that you’re done laughing, let’s get back into this.

Bayless then uttered, “[Leftwich] is 24-25 as a starter.”

That’s correct, in his tenth season in the NFL, Leftwich has 24 wins in 49 career games.

In five seasons, Flacco has won more games than Leftwich has played in his career and has never missed a game.

Please tell me what the hell you’re thinking Skip?

Keeping to his script of saying stupid things, Bayless then decided to isolate Flacco’s worst performances of the season and brought up Flacco’s “QBR” (a statistic that ESPN designed to measure quarterback play) of 34 against the Kansas City Chiefs and 0.3 against the Houston Texans.

(Side Note: For those not aware, the maximum “QBR” is 100.)

Given Bayless’ infatuation with Tebow, you would have thought he would have made sure Tebow was better statistically before calling out Flacco. It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that he wasn’t.

In 2011, Tebow posted a QBR of 29.9. Flacco? 59.7.

Once again, Bayless solidifies his idiocy.

Writing this post upsets me because I’m clearly giving into Bayless’ propaganda of playing stupid for ratings. If you ever needed a reason to root for Mark Sanchez to succeed in the NFL, at least it will keep Tebow buried on the bench and Bayless’ mouth shut.

Even aside from the Jets, until Flacco and the Ravens win a Super Bowl, Bayless won’t shut up.

It’s for reasons like that that I continue to conveniently “skip” over ESPN while looking to watch sports-related programming.

Given his theory that quarterbacks who can’t start in the league are better than someone who has never missed the playoffs or a start in their career, I can’t wait for Bayless to start saying that Flacco isn’t as good as Pat Devlin, Austin Davis or Ryan Lindley.

Never heard of them? You probably shouldn’t but it won’t stop Skip from prostituting himself for ratings.

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