Is a Lombardi every 12 seasons enough?

Street Talk Is a Lombardi every 12 seasons enough?

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Last night I posted a poll on our home page that asked: “If the Ravens were to win a Super Bowl every 12 years is that acceptable?”

As of this writing 62% believe that such a pace is unacceptable.

That’s pretty interesting.

(You can vote on the home page, bottom right corner)

The Pittsburgh Steelers – who as you are all too often reminded by escapees of Pennsyltucky – have 6 in their 80 years of existence, the most of any team. That’s one every 13 1/3 years.

In the salary cap era, it’s very difficult to be a playoff team each year. John Harbaugh is 5 for 5 but 2013 might be his biggest challenge. A Super Bowl Championship artificially elevates the value of a team’s free agents and attrition is often higher than the usual 20-25%.

Joe Flacco’s free agent status certainly doesn’t help the situation, particularly when the cap is going up by only 2.8%.

Let’s also keep in mind that Super Bowl winners have won only 1 playoff game the following season since 2005. Perhaps fans would be wise to temper their expectations and view 2013 as a year of adjustment.

Back to Joe Flacco (I know, again…), I keep hearing how the Ravens should just pay the man! I agree but what’s that number?

It is completely unrealistic to think that his last 5 games are indicative of what to consistently expect going forward. Folks really need to consider his entire body of work – clearly the Ravens are. Ozzie Newsome has publicly admitted as much.

Those who are Wacko for Flacco will remind you of his playoff record – and clearly it is impressive. But how soon they forget that he was rather anemic during his first two postseasons in 2008 and 2009 when his QB Rating was an anemic (and Bolleresque) 46.5 with 1 TD and 6 INT’s over the course of 5 playoff games.

Yes they were 3-2 during those games.

Should the Ravens thank Joe for those?

Sure he was a winner in the playoffs but let’s be honest here, he was along for the ride in those games.

I’m not trying to beat the guy up…just trying to consider his complete body of work to assess his market value. To pay him on 6 games without Cam Cameron (let’s not forget the Denver loss at home when Flaccoing had a different meaning) and believe that you can assess value on those 6 games and ignore the 87 others is just nuts!

Hence the difficulty in signing him…

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