Just because the moves are unpopular doesn’t mean they’re wrong

Street Talk Just because the moves are unpopular doesn’t mean they’re wrong

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My neighbor has this sweet car. It’s about 30 years old, but it’s a sweet looking car. But the problem is that it costs him about $16,000 a year to keep it up, while only getting to use it a few times a week.

So it came to a point where he had to make a decision – keep paying all that money or get rid of it and use that money for something else that he really needs. So he was prepared to just take it to the junk yard and get rid of it for nothing, when all of a sudden he was offered a much newer, smaller car that will only cost him $2,000 a year. So of course he took that car so he could at least get something in return for his older car.

That, my friends, is what happened with the Ravens and Anquan Boldin.

I, like you, was ticked when I first heard about the trade that sent Boldin to the 49ers for a 6th round pick. But the more I looked at this deal for all the angles, the more I realize why they did it.

Do I still like it? Not right now, but it’s still probably the right thing to do.

Remember when the Ravens got rid of Derrick Mason?

Baltimore was furious! Look how that turned out.

Remember when the Ravens let Jarrett Johnson walk? Charm City was in an uproar. Look how that turned out.

Remember when Todd Heap was let go? The purple faithful acted like they gave the boot to a Hall of Famer. Look how that turned out.

Yes, Boldin was phenomenal in the playoffs and he was a big reason why the Ravens are Super Bowl Champions, but every year the front office makes major changes to this team, and every year the Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL. No team has more wins than Baltimore since 2006… that includes the seasons we got rid of Mason, JJ, Ben Grubbs, and Heap.

Plus, remember Tom Zbikowski, Cory Redding, Bart Scott, Adelius Thomas? They were all real good players for the Ravens that many were upset that left. Not one of the players has been as good as they were when they played in purple.

All of that comes back to our front office. Ozzie Newsome is the very best in the business. The slogan “In Ozzie We Trust” comes up so much because as many times as the fans in Baltimore haven’t agreed with his decisions, more often than not, Ozzie has been the one who was right.

The proof is in the pudding. The Ravens (even with losing those players) are the only team in the NFL to go to the playoffs and win a playoff game each of the last 5 seasons.

I get it. I love Boldin! He was great on the field, in the locker room, and off the field.

But the Ravens are about to go through a lot of transition and lose a lot more players, and so Ozzie has to find a way to use every last cent to the very best of his ability.

That includes letting a great player go.

He has done it before and his track record is way better than any of ours.

Cooler heads prevail and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve next.

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Joe Polek was born in Baltimore, MD, and was raised in Bel Air, MD. He lived in Maine from 2001-2012, where he met his wife and had two daughters. He now resides in Columbia, SC where he has left TV/Radio and is the South Carolina Marketing Coordinator for Bojangles’ Restaurants. Joe is a huge sports fan, but most importantly he lives and breathes Baltimore (and Maryland) sports. He routinely gets back to Baltimore for a Ravens and Orioles game once a year. A couple of his highlights were being at the final game at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium, and also sitting in left field for “2130”, and “2131” (Cal Ripken’s consecutive game streak).

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