Kruger and Ellerbe would be gone even if Flacco was playing for free

Street Talk Kruger and Ellerbe would be gone even if Flacco was playing for free

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Oh what a world we live in. When certain people say something these days they do so hoping that all they need to do is say it enough for it to become true.

Since Joe Flacco signed his new deal, the national media has made it a point to say every aspect of every loss the Ravens have had in free agency is due to Flacco’s $120 million contract.  The worst offenders were probably ESPN who ironically, earlier this week introduced Ray Lewis as their new analyst. You would have thought that hiring Lewis would have offered some insight into what has happened from Ray Lewis instead of creating false prophets about the Ravens’ money situation.

It’s been more of the same from media and fans alike with every new departure from the team.

Let me inform you people of something you need to know about the situation of Flacco…and that of the Ravens.

Dannell Ellerbe was never going to see a 5-year $35 million contract from the Baltimore Ravens under any circumstance; he’s a player that hasn’t been a full year starter in his career with the Ravens.

Paul Kruger was not going to have a 5-year $40 million contract from the Ravens as a player that has been a rotational guy for his entire 4-year career.

The Ravens were $12 million under the cap after Flacco signed.

Anquan Boldin, who got traded to the San Francisco 49ers, could have easily fit into the Ravens’ plans this year but the team decided not to do that.

And even though I was a fan of Boldin and was happy he got his ring here as a Raven, this may bode well for Flacco in the future as he doesn’t have to hear dumb statements from people about how he “would throw jump balls to Boldin and hope he catches it.”

It’s amazing how people will go to any length these days to discredit Flacco but he is a SUPER BOWL CHAMPION and a MVP, so Flacco and Ravens nation get the last laugh.

So to all the naysayers questioning the Ravens front office for not paying 35 and 40 million dollars to LB’s who were never full time player, why don’t you guys come back in two years and we will laugh together about the Browns and Dolphins signing those players for that amount and we will discuss why those teams are almost always near the bottom of the NFL and why Baltimore is always at the top.

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