Baltimore Doesn’t Deserve Goodell’s Lying Eyes

Lombardi's Way Baltimore Doesn’t Deserve Goodell’s Lying Eyes

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To say the least there has been a ton of debate over the Ravens scheduling snafu for the NFL’s opening night and solutions to the dilemma have been offered up more regularly than Mark Sanchez turnovers.

The simplest solution is obvious. Just move the game to Wednesday night.

The NFL did it last year to step aside for the Democratic National Convention. Did it impact the game? Change each team’s preparedness? Was it any less exciting? Do you even remember?

Of course standing in the way of a Wednesday night game, if you believe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, is the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah.

I’m calling BS!

The NFL has played on Rosh Hashanah before. Did they cancel last year’s Monday Night game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons during Rosh Hashanah?


Have they played games on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day?

Yes and yes, the later most recently in 2009.

Did MLB cancel their slate of games on Rosh Hashanah?

NBA on Christmas Day?

No and no!

Goodell is full of it!

Some believe that he’s simply trying to flex the NFL’s muscles and remind MLB that they are the ugly red-headed stepchild in major league sports, relatively speaking. But maybe it’s something else.

While most would argue, and with just cause, that the lifeblood of the NFL, the beacon of light that keeps it atop the pinnacle of sports in the USA, is the salary cap. But at the heart of the salary cap is a more powerful force that influences most if not all of the NFL’s decisions – GREED!

Goodell is saying no to Wednesday September 4, 2013 for Opening Night and he’s using Rosh Hashanah as his scapegoat. But let’s not forget that Rosh Hashanah doesn’t end until Friday evening September 6, 2013. So that argument doesn’t hold water if he moves the Ravens on the road to play on Thursday.

Could it be that Goodell wants to force the Ravens out of the picture for Opening Night?

Maybe he’d prefer the San Francisco 49ers open the season at home against the Green Bay Packers or the Seattle Seahawks instead. Might that game have more marketability and draw higher ratings and dollars, particularly with a Ravens roster that now has much lower star power with the departures of Messrs. Lewis, Boldin and Reed?

The Ravens are Super Bowl Champions. They deserve to start the season at home and that will be particularly important for them as they attempt to get their 2013 season off on a winning note. It will be much easier for a team with a ton of turnover on defense, to play in front of one of the league’s best 12th men.

They’ve earned it!

And they’ve also earned the privilege of playing on Opening Night.

And so too, have the fans!

Who knows when Baltimore will have the opportunity again to host such a gala event as defending World Champions?

Move the damn game to Wednesday Roger! You are always talking about the fans and how important they are.

Prove it!

Prove it to the great fans of Charm City that we’re worth it.

We’ll be waiting Mr. Commish!

But this writer won’t be holding his breath.

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