Driven by Greed The NFL Sticks it to Baltimore!

Lombardi's Way Driven by Greed The NFL Sticks it to Baltimore!

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If you go on Facebook and browse the photo galleries of anyone between the ages of 18-25, chances are you will find people with an inexplicable urge to flash the bird at the photographer.

Today that would be me if Roger Goodell were the photographer.

And THAT would NOT be inexplicable!

Hey Baltimore fans, let’s just call Schedule-Gate what it is – a royal screwing courtesy the NFL! You are being asked to bend over and take it with a smile!

Charm City, you are supposed to enjoy the limelight of the NFL’s opening game of the season. You are supposed to be exulted. The city should be cloaked in all things purple. This is Baltimore’s chance to stand upon a stage and beam with civic pride because WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…OF THE WORLD!!!

Instead you are now being told that despite your accomplishments, your emotional investment and the investment of your hard earned dollars right on through the Super Bowl and beyond on expensive things such as tickets, airfare, hotels, parking, concessions, memorabilia, licensed gear, etc., etc., that YOU don’t matter. They just don’t give a rat’s ass!

The NFL is essentially wearing their greedy grins, laughing at your devotion and mocking you Baltimore!

Taking the league’s opening night to a city other than that of the champion is like crowning the 3rd runner-up in the Miss America Pageant; it’s like adorning the 4th place finisher in The Preakness with the bed of black-eyed Susans; it’s on par with forcing the winner of the Daytona 500 to watch another driver take the victory lap; it’s akin to giving the Green Jacket at The Masters to the golfer who finished 2 strokes behind the winner.

This is a rip off of epic proportions!

How degrading is it for this disingenuous commissioner to stand up at his cushy little podium and say he and the league have done their best for the fans of Baltimore. The same pretentious prick who insults your intelligence by twisting your outcries against paying full price for preseason games and then uses that as his justification to expand the regular season schedule to 18 games.

The only thing the league and this commissioner care about is money. MON-EY!

Every action, every behavior, even the feigned community centricity has one thing, one goal in mind – more Benjamins!

The solution to this Thursday night dilemma has been staring the NFL’s head honchos in the face the moment the scheduling snafu was discovered. Move the damn game to Wednesday. They did it last year to step aside for the Democratic National Convention.

So why won’t they do it again?

Simple answer – MONEY!

The ratings apparently aren’t as good on Wednesday nights and what do weaker ratings spell – LESS MONEY.

So do us a solid Goodell. Don’t tell us you tried. You didn’t!

Don’t tell us you care. You don’t.

You are a freaking phony and please, don’t hand me this Rosh Hashanah BS. Not to disrespect the Jewish Community but games have been played on Rosh Hashanah before and they will be played again during this Holiday particularly if it means more profit for the league.

And for those of you who want to blame Mr. Angelos for this mess, forget about it! This isn’t on the Orioles or MLB. This one is on the empty suit who “earns” about a million per month.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, I love the guy but come on paisan! If the league is going to stiff us and then make us go on the road, then just give up the opening game. Just give it up altogether!

Give us a Sunday home game a 1 o’clock and we’ll have our own little celebration. We should NOT open on the road. It’s like getting married again and then honeymooning with your ex.

Do something – ANYTHING other than this.

And let’s be real here, we all know where this is headed.

The Ravens will open on the road in Denver. The AFC’s third runner-up will be the showcased team. We’ll hear about how the Ravens have lost so much star-power. No Ray Lewis or Ed Reed or Anquan Boldin. And then it will get worse.




It will a Peyton Manning love fest. He’ll be rested and we’ll hear repeatedly about how great Peyton is and how he and his brand new little toy named Wes Welker are developing a rapport until we’ll all just want to hurl.

In the end it will be a Denver celebration.

Not yours Baltimore!

That newly constructed defense without the benefit of Baltimore’s great 12th man and without a regular season game under their collective belt will be torn to shreds like Lindsay Lohan tears through an 8-ball. Manning will have a field day.

Can you see it?

Play the damn game at home and to hell with the National TV audience.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a few pictures and mail them to Roger Goodell.

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